Mosquito nets

  • Mosquito nets are made of exceptionally strong and durable materials.
  • Netting does not decrease visibility and is resistant to weather conditions - temperature, UV radiation and rain.
  • The products are made to measure.
  • Possibility to choose the profile colour according to the RAL palette or from the wood-like veneer palette.
  • Netting colour - black or grey.

Mosquito nets - these are nets installed in window and door openings, designed to protect against insects and impurities. The possibility to choose the type and shape of the mosquito net depending on the function and the type of window opening allows to adapt the product perfectly to the user’s needs. The use of a mosquito net in no way interferes with the operation of indoor and outdoor roller blinds. It also does not limit the window visibility. All elements and frames are made of aluminium, thanks to which the mosquito net is resistant to weather conditions, which guarantees durability for many years of use. Mosquito nets can be adapted to all types of windows.

Frame mosquito net

It is easily mounted to the window frame with non-invasive rotary holders. The frame mosquito net will work perfectly in windows that are only opened to ensure air circulation.

Vertical or horizontal rolled mosquito net

Used for windows, balcony and terrace doors. Once unrolled, the mosquito net is attached to the hook bar or catches located in the guide. Once released from the catches, the retarder makes it possible to smoothly roll the net in the cassette without damaging it.

Opened mosquito nets - window and door

The opened mosquito net, used for both windows and balcony doors, is mounted by means of hinges to the building façade or door frame. It is equipped with a handle for opening and magnets holding the mosquito net in the closed position, as well as a brush seal, which provides maximum protection of the room against insects and impurities from the outside. In addition, the self-closers mounted in the mosquito net, automatically closing the mosquito net, increase the comfort of use.

Sliding mosquito net

The sliding mosquito net is perfect for large glazed recesses like balconies, terraces, shop windows and winter gardens. The mosquito net moves along top and bottom guides, with one or two tracks. The maximum dimensions of the mosquito net leaf are 2000 x 2500 mm. With six types of sliding mosquito nets available, as well as a selection of guides depending on the height of the threshold, it is possible to perfectly match the product in terms of functionality and mounting location. Mosquito nets are adapted to all types of windows and doors. The construction of the leaf does not limit window visibility.

Pleated mosquito net

A pleated mosquito net is a perfect solution in places where large glazed doors have been used, e.g. for a patio or terrace. The modular structure of the mosquito net allows it to be assembled into a single or double leaf system. After folding, the pleated net is completely hidden in the aluminium profile, thus the folded net takes up little space.

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