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Freedom of arrangements - PANEL TRACK sliding curtains system

PANEL TRACK sliding curtains system offered by the ANWIS company is a new way of hiding, dividing and decorating the interiors. The system consists of a guide rail and vertical, sliding stripes of fabric attached to it. Thanks to the possibility of free fixing of the curtains: inside the window alcove, on the wall or the ceiling; the panel curtains system is dedicated to every interior.

It will perfectly fit in the spaces in which large window or door areas are fitted with glass, for example: sliding doors leading to the terrace.

Decorativeness of panels and possibility of using many colour solutions: among others: combining different types of fabric including colours and patterns, can successfully replace the traditional way of covering the windows/this is curtains or sheer curtains/. A wide scope of colours and patterns available in the offer of ANWIS Company allows to choose the material according to the interior arrangements and the function served by it.

It is worth of paying attention to the fabric transparency when choosing the fabric. The basis weight affects the level of light penetrating the material. The panels of the curtains can be combined with freedom of colours as well as the order of their attachment in the system can be changed at any moment, adding a new arrangement function at the sane time.

The PANEL TRACK curtains are often referred to as the Japanese curtains; they allow to divide the space in a stunning way depending on needs and design. The ability to open and to close the space perfectly checks out not only in modern houses with large open space but also in small interiors in which this kind of action constitutes a kind of a "movable partition wall".

Off course, in relation to the choice of the fabric: interesting effects can be achieved, from delicate allocation of a part of a room in which the choice of the fabric transparency level will emphasise its characters or can constitute a typical separation of a part of a space in order to keep the intimacy for example: allocating the wardrobe, child’s room.

Sliding systems will also perform perfectly in public spaces, this is: a beauty parlours, a treatment or medical rooms, and others.

Considering the measurements of the ANWIS company’s PANEL TRACK curtains are to be used in small living spaces as well as the large conference spaces.

A list of technical data presented below - measurements and types of pushing and drawing mechanisms:

  • Maximal height of panels - 3500 mm
  • Width of the panel - from 450 mm to 1050 mm
  • Maximal width of the panel - 1050 mm

The way of pushing and drawing of the panel curtains:

One-sided /sliding the curtains to the right or left side/

  • Number of panels - from 2 to 5
  • Width of the curtains drawn aside from 850 mm to 4850 mm


  • Number of panels 6 and 8
  • Width of the curtains drawn aside from 2800 mm to 8000 mm

The method of control:

  • Using a string or electrical controller

Publication date: 2010-10-20

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