Decorating bathrooms is a real challenge, and the choice of accessories to improve everyday comfort is a key element in creating a comfortable interior. One of them is bathroom screens, which guarantee an atmosphere of intimacy in the bathing room.

Maintaining privacy, especially in the bathroom, is an important element affecting the quality of everyday functioning. Bathroom screens provide a sense of comfort and safety, and when properly selected they are also a great decorative element that will give your bathroom a completely new character. Together with the ANWIS brand, we suggest what to do when choosing a window cover for the bathroom!

Pleated decoration

The bathroom, regardless of its size, can be a perfect place to rest. In addition to a comfortable bathtub or jacuzzi, next to burning candles, functional and, at the same time, spectacular coverage of the window is a necessary element of a comfortable bathroom. Thanks to the pleated blinds and their interesting colours and the types of fabrics used, you will make the window covering a real decoration. Pleats can take different shapes: from standard to triangular and oval ones, or trapezoidal. You can install them in any type of windows, and thanks to the possibility of using two fabrics in one system, you will make your bathroom extremely functional. Both parts of the blinds - controlled by moving guides - work independently of each other so that you decide which part of the window to cover and what material to use for this purpose. During the day you can choose a transparent fabric that will provide adequate insolation of the bathroom. In the evening, use the blackout fabric to enjoy peace and privacy.

Window cover attached to the glass

If you are a fan of frequent changes and value unusual solutions, SQUID seems to be a proposal just for you. SQUID is a transparent fabric glued directly on the glass. It protects the room from curious looks but does not limit the visibility of people inside the house. If you have nice views outside the window, use them and create something special. Interestingly, SQUID can take any shape that will enrich the décor of your bathroom. In the case of a smaller window, you can mount it yourself. Thanks to this unique fabric, the bathroom will always be as sunny as you want it. If necessary, you can remove it at any time without leaving any marks on the glass. You can easily stick it back, even after repeated removal. What is important, the fabric is resistant to moisture and high temperatures that prevail in the bathroom. With SQUID you do not have to worry about anything, every element of its use is pure pleasure.

Solution for the living room

Do you want an elegant feel in the bathroom, too? Give it a unique style thanks to ANWIS horizontal blinds. To emphasise the original character of the interior, choose wooden blinds. The light coming through the window will emphasise their natural structure, providing you with a spectacular visual experience. In combination with other wooden elements of the interior, you can effectively counterbalance the coldness of bathroom ceramics. This solution will certainly make you want to stay there a little longer. If you want to give your bathroom a touch of colour, you can always opt for aluminium blinds, which are available in a wide range of colours and shades. You can easily match them to the colour of tiles, introducing harmony and consistency in the bathroom décor.

Well-selected window covers will not only be a practical solution ensuring privacy, but also an original decoration that will highlight the character of your bathroom. A wide range of ANWIS window coverings will allow you to choose a model that suits your needs as well as the room interior. Choose the right fabric, the type of cover and its colour and enjoy the functional accessory which will perfectly fit in your bathroom.

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