We advise which wooden blinds to choose to create a stunning and functional window decoration. Choosing the right colour for wooden blinds can make you dizzy! Varied colours of slats and fixtures: from white and subtle grey to deep brown and brilliant black allows for individual adjustment of the blinds to the décor of any interior.

The window coverings from the Unique and Modern collections are stylish window blinds that fit into the Scandinavian style décor. In various shades of white or grey, they will complement the light-coloured, simply decorated but tasteful interiors. This solution will surely appeal to the admirers of minimalism. In turn, the Ashen series includes slats finished in dark shades. They will be a strong, well-visible accent that will give the rooms a defined style. If you want to counterbalance the coldness of minimalism, consider installing wood-coloured blinds.

Wooden blinds - a functional window cover

The Natural collection, which includes products distinguished by the natural colour and grain of wood, is intended for classic interiors. Wooden blinds are also an ideal solution for those who love the rustic style. The noble character of wood from which they are made and the clean look with no unnecessary decorations will make them a harmonious addition to the remaining furniture, building an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness.

In addition to the aesthetic function, window blinds have excellent parameters that will protect the interior of the house from the sun and prying eyes. Wooden blinds are characterised by the precise adjustment of the amount of light penetrating into the interior. The lifting and lowering of the blinds and the control of the angle of inclination of the slats can be done manually or electrically.

XL blinds

In the case of slats with a width of 25 mm, cord- or chain-operated systems are most popular. 50 and 70 mm wide slats, due to the larger dimensions, may need the application of electric control, connecting the blinds to a permanent power source. An innovation in the ANWIS offer is the possibility of using a non-invasive battery supply. The control of a single blind or their groups can be done using a remote control or a mobile device (phone, tablet) connected to the Internet.

ANWIS also offers a system that allows the installation of wooden blinds on large surfaces. This solution allows to install a window cover consisting of slats up to 3.6 m long. Wooden XL blinds are available in 5 colours of abachi wood (NATURAL collection), from white, through shades of grey and anthracite to black.

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