Roman blinds and curtains

  • Free adjustment of the height of blinds using a cord or electric control.
  • An easy way to clean the product.
  • Reliable self-locking mechanism allows setting the Roman blind at any height.
  • Aesthetic curtain arrangement.
  • Handy curtain hanging.
  • Easy to cover and uncover the window.
  • Perfectly arranged folds without additional wrinkling.
  • An easy way to clean the product.
  • A rich collection of fabric colours, including light diffusing, darkening and transparent.
  • Same fabric cushions, curtains and Roman blinds are available.

Roman blinds are fashionable and elegant window decorations, rolled up using a cord mechanism. After pulling up the blinds, eye-catching horizontal folds are created. Traditional Roman blinds are mounted to the wall or ceiling.

The RVS Roman blind system is a new product on the market - the blinds are mounted on the glass pane, thanks to which the windows are easy to open. RVS gives the freedom to cover a selected part of the window. The RVS Roman roller guides can be moved along the glazing bead at any time, covering only a selected part of the window pane from the top or bottom. In this way, the blind will create eye-catching folds in the window.

Roman blinds provide sun protection in virtually any room. It's a spectacular and functional decoration, not only for the windows, but for the whole interior.

In addition to Roman blinds and RVS, we also offer classic curtains. We have two types of curtain hanging system:

  • on wheels - we obtain the effect of a decorative wave,
  • on hooks - where we get the so-called curtain with a fold.
Type of roman blinds / curtains Optional non-invasive assembly Optional electric / battery control Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
Roman blind * * 400 600 3000 3000
RVS Roman blind * * 400 500 1500 2200
Curtain hanging on wheel * * 300 - 3000
Curtain hanging on hooks * * 300 - 3000
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