Fabric roller blinds

  • Free adjustment of the height of the blind by means of manual or electrical control.
  • Reliable protection from insolation of the interior and reflections on monitor screens.
  • Blinds are perfect for covering large surfaces: shop windows, recesses, shelves and may be used as projection screens.
  • Thanks to the available dimensions of the roller tube, the maximum dimension of the roller blind can be as much as 20 m2.
  • Use of day / night fabric - adjusting the amount of daylight penetrating inside without the need of lifting the roller blind.
  • The possibility of using blinds for all types of windows.

They provide reliable protection against insolation of the interior.

A rich collection of patterns and colours of fabrics allows to match the roller blinds to their purpose. Bright, transparent fabrics used in the covers will visually enlarge the room and also illuminate it, while patterns will give the interior a deep and spacious look. In rooms serving as a bedroom during the day (e.g. children rooms), it is worth to use blackout fabrics that will allow the room to be completely darkened.

Roller blinds are also an impressive decoration, thanks to which we can visually create the look of the interior and correct the proportions of the window and of the room.

Type of roller blinds Optional non-invasive assembly Optional electric / battery control Roof windows Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
Free-hanging roller blind * * 300 300 4000 5000
Roller blind in a cassette * * 300 300 4000 5000
Roller blind in a cassette with guides * * * 300 300 1500 2400
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