Window coverings mounted outside the house

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tips concerning window coverings mounted outside the house

Roller shutters

1. What kind of protection devices can the roller shutter be fitted with?

Security roller shutters should be made of durable materials. The basic protection devices, fitted into the box and bottom rail, are mechanisms preventing the shutter from being lifted from the outside. They include: hand-operated locking bolt, automatic locking bolt, key lock, locking angle bracket and locking bracket. More sophisticated solutions are available, too: motorised roller shutters can be put in presence simulation mode – an operating mode that is used for giving the illusion of occupancy in the home whilst nobody is there. Roller shutters can be integrated with a security system, which will go off when the shutter is being tampered with from th.

2. What type of roller shutter is best for my home?

Different types of roller shutter can be fitted in the building depending on the stage of its construction. Built-in roller shutter, integrated into the wall is hidden under an insulating layer of styrofoam. It is a perfect solution for newly erected buildings in whose facades the roller shutters can be fitted at the construction stage. Built-in roller shutters in no way affect the structure of the window, and, should you decide to fit them with Aluthermo Pro matt, their lintel will never freeze. Another option is the integrated roller shutter, which can be fitted in buildings under construction as well as in finished ones, during renovation works. In this system the roller shutter box is mounted on the window frame, with the box taking up some space of the window opening. Another solution are built-on roller shutters, which do not require including at the project stage. Offered in a wide variety of colours, they will blend in with modern and contemporary architectural objects.

3. Do roller shutters protect you against noise?

Filled with polyurethane foam, the roller shutter curtain is an effective acoustic insulation. Once the roller shutter is closed, the noise level is reduced by up to several decibels.

4. Do roller shutters have insulation properties?

Between the window and closed curtain a layer of air is formed, which greatly improves thermal parameters of the building. In practice it means that 30% of energy can be saved in the heating season whereas in summer room temperature can be lowered by 10oC.

5. Service cover - what it is and where can I find it?

Service cover enables to carry out regular maintenance, cleaning and repair work. It is located in the shutter box. In built-on roller shutters and those integrated into the wall one can access service cover from the outside of the building without invading the privacy of the household.

6. Is it possible to operate motorised roller shutters during a power cut?

If we fit the shutters with the special NHK motor (fitted with emergency cover release), we will be able to control them using a crank, even during power cuts. A more comfortable solution, however, is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system which provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level.

External venetian blinds

1. Can I clean external venetian blinds myself?

You can clean your external venetian blind yourself. To do it you need to lower the blind and close its slats, then dust it with a light duster or a slightly damp cloth. On no account should you use abrasive solvent-based cleaning agents. Specialist cleaners used to working at height should be called only for large size blinds or those mounted high up on the facade. The professional equipment those teams use will restore the blinds to their former glory without dismantling them.

2. Is it worth investing in motorised extenal venetian blinds?

External venetian blinds are usually mounted on buildings with large glass surfaces. Despite being relatively lightweight (2,3 kg/sqm) it is recommended that the blinds should be motorised. Electric motor not only facilitates adjusting the angle of slats but also enables smooth and effortless lifting and lowering of one blind or a group of blinds. Manual operation involves using a wand, which is rather unpractical in case of large size blinds or groups of blinds.

3. Can external venetian blinds be fitted with weather sensors?

Like any other sun protection system external venetian blinds can be fitted with weather sensors, which measure the strength of wind and intensity of sunlight. When the wind gets too strong, the wind sensors close the blind this way securing it from damage. Dusk sensors, in turn, raise and lower the blind depending on heat gain and preset sensitivity threshold.

4. Can I set my favourite slat position in motorised blind?

Anwis control units enable you to preset the position of the slats which best suits personal preferences of individual users.

5. Are external venetian blinds durable?

ANWIS external venetian blinds are manufactured from finest, durable components resistant to external factors. The colour of aluminium slats coated with high quality varnish will not fade with time.

6. What is the difference between external venetian blinds and roller shutters?

The main component of external venetian blinds are slats which come in 3 different shapes: S (70 mm), C (65 mm, 80 mm) and Z (90 mm). External venetian blinds allow to control the amount of light coming into the room by opening and closing the slats within the range of 90-180 degrees.

SCREEN roller blind

1. In how many ways can I mount SCREEN blind?

SCREEN roller blind can be mounted in many different ways. The fact that it can be easily mounted on the window frame, building facade or directly on the wall opens new perspectives for innovative interior design and architectural solutions.

2. When should I consider buying the SCREEN roller blind?

SCREEN roller blind is ideal for buildings with large glass surfaces. Enabling uniform temperature distribution the blind provides considerable support for air conditioning systems. SCREEN roller blinds are multipurpose shades ideal for balconies, terraces, gazebos, verandas or pergolas. They ensure free air circulation whilst guarding against insects and pollutants.

3. The properties of SCREEN fabric versus weather conditions.

The fabric consists of PVC coated fibreglass, which heightens its resistance to adverse weather conditions and guarantees many years of smooth operation.

4. How to keep the fabric clean?

The cleaning of SCREEN fabric is simple and straightforward. You can remove minor stains from the fabric using a brush with fine hair and next rinsing the fabric with clean water. More stubborn stins may require a mild detergent.

5. Does SCREEN limit visibility?

The system offers a wide selection of fabrics with different size mesh letting into the room varying amounts of light and heat and allowing different degrees of outward visibility. It is up to us whether the selected fabric will shield us from the gaze of passers-by or whether it will allow us to enjoy beautiful outside views seen from our window, balcony or terrace.

6. What is the ZIP system?

A characteristic feature of the external screen roller shutter from ANWIS are lateral guide bars integrated with the fabric, making up the ZIP system. The system guarantees stability of the blind as well as its high resistance to strong wind. It is responsible for tensioning of the fabric and its durability.

Insect screens

1. Do insect screens limit visibility?

Mounting the insect screen does not restrict outward visibility in a significant way.

2. Will mounting insect screens in any way interfere with the operation of roller blinds or roller shutters?

Insect screens in no way interfere with the operation of roller shutters/roller blinds. There is a possibility to integrate built-in/on roller shutters with roller insect screens into one system.

3. How to clean my insect screen?

Insect screens should be cleaned with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Once cleaned, the screen should be rinsed with clean water and left to dry.

4. Will my insect screen protect me against all kinds of insects?

The mesh of your insect screen will effectively protect you against all kinds of insects so you can sit back and relish long summer days and nights.

5. Is my insect screen weather resistant?

The mesh is made of PVC interwoven fibreglass– durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions (eg. UV radiation, temperature, rain).

6. What type of insect screen is best for windows?

The type of insect screen which best fits the bill, especially for casement windows, with structure enabling good air circulation, is framed insect screen. Hinged or rolled insect screens are also an interesting alternative.

7. Which insect screen is best for terrace/balcony doors?

A popular choice for balcony and terrace doors are insect screens mounted on hinges or horizontal rolled insect screens. Sliding or pleated insect screens will be an excellent option for sliding doors.

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