External blinds

  • Protection against burglary and privacy at home.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Noise protection.
  • High resistance to weather conditions.
  • Easy control with remote controls, timers or sensors.
  • Protection against insects and pollen - in the case of external blinds integrated with a mosquito net.

Exterior blinds, used mainly to protect the house against vandalism and burglary, perfectly protect the rooms against excessive heating and sunlight. It is worth remembering that the solutions offered by ANWIS are also a perfect protection of the rooms against excessive heating and insolation.

External blinds are an important element of building equipment. Properly selected, they will guarantee comfort, safety and energy efficiency for years. The choice of the type of external blinds, as well as the method of mounting depends on when, in the house building stage, the decision to use external blinds is made: at the design stage, during construction or in the finished building.

ANWIS offers:

Façade blinds - mounted in existing, finished buildings.

  • Façade blinds are mounted in two ways: on the façade of the building or in the window recess as well as in the door recess.
  • The box in the façade blinds is a visible element because of this, it is available in many colour options, and in wood-like veneers.
  • The façade blinds come in two variants: a box with an inspection hole cut at a 45o angle and a half-round box.

Flush - mounted roller blinds - intended mainly for newly built facilities, but also for existing buildings.

  • Possibility to integrate the box into the building's façade, thanks to which it becomes invisible.
  • The advantage of a flush-mounted roller system is the installation of the box under the insulating layer of the building wall. This way, the window lintels are protected against freezing.
  • Installation of the blinds does not require interference with the construction of the window or door but before mounting, a recess should be made in the window lintel.
  • Thanks to the inspection opening outside the building, maintenance and service work can be carried out without disrupting privacy of the household members.

Window blinds - assembly at the stage of installing window joinery or its replacement.

  • The window blinds box and guides are mounted on the window frame or door frame before they are built in the recess.
  • At the stage of building the house or replacing the joinery, the height of the window blind boxes should be taken into account, as this value increases the height of the openings for windows or doors.
  • The system allows many ways to install the box and guides: from the outside, from the inside, on both sides or thanks to a large range of veneers, it can be left uncovered.
  • Access to the inspection opening from the inside of the building.
Profile type min. width [mm] max width [mm] max height [mm] max area m2
AN 39 500 2800 3000 6,00
AN 45 500 3100 3500 6,50
AN 52 500 3700 3400 8,00
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