The advantages of this solution include good thermal insulation, protection of the house against burglary and against noise. All these characteristics are featured in the external flush-mounted SOLIDO roller blinds. The basic feature of the proposed solution is the possibility of integrating the box into the exterior façade of the building.

External flush-mounted blinds are modern products, intended primarily for installation in recently constructed buildings, where this solution is taken into account at the house design stage. The most important design feature of external flush-mounted SOLIDO roller blind is the possibility to integrate the box into the exterior façade of the building. The box is installed under the insulating layer of the building's wall - it is recommended to apply thermal insulation between the wall and the roller blind box. As a result, the window lintel is protected against freezing​.

The installation of the flush-mounted SOLIDO roller blind does not require any interference with the window or door structure it, however, requires a recess in which the box will be placed; the recess is prepared in advance in the widow lintel. Fitting the roller blind box in the façade makes it invisible, which in turn enhances the aesthetics of the building and gives it a modern look. The ANWIS external roller shutter colour range allows to perfectly match them to almost any facility. The wide spectrum of aluminium profiles of varied height and thicknesses makes it easy to select the right solution. Another advantage of the solution on offer is the fact that the service cover is located outside the building, which enables maintenence and service works to be carried out without disturbing the privacy of the household. The new screw-on sliders facilitate all necessary replacements without the need to dismantle the roller blind.

External flush-mounted SOLIDO roller blinds provide acoustic and thermal insulation. Polyurethane foam is used to fill the profiles, which translates into better insulation of the roller blind. Closing the roller blind in winter means that heated air does not escape from the inside of the building, while in the summer the roller blind c urtain protects against solar radiation and not allowing the heat to penetrate inside the building. External roller blinds not only protect window openings from damage and adverse weather conditions, they also guard against burglary and, last but not least, the prying eyes of neighbours or passers-by. What is more, roller blind, when integrated with roller insect screen, effectively protects the interior not only against insects but also airborne particles of pollen. Flush-mounted SOLIDO roller shutter can be easily integrated with roller insect screen.

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