How do such blinds work?

Day and night roller blinds are specially prepared covers, which consist of two alternately arranged horizontal stripes of material:
mesh transmitting the sun's rays,
material limiting the flow of light into the room.
Both coatings overlap and can be freely adjusted. Thanks to their appropriate arrangement, the household members will control the amount of light entering the rooms. The system of fabric roller blinds strips will allow both partial darkening of the interior and complete covering from the rays of the sun.
Sometimes a day and night roller blind in a cassette with a guide is provided, thanks to which the product can be adjusted and placed on the glass surface even more effectively. This solution will reduce swaying of the material during gusts of wind.

Day-night roller blinds with a cassette guarantee of comfort

The products can be applied to almost any type of window. The roller blinds also have Child Safety devices that prevent the creation of a dangerous loop in systems with a characteristic control using a bead chain. In addition, the roller shutter systems will not jam during operation, and their mechanism will allow for any setting of the covers and adjustment of the incoming light according to the user's preferences. Manufacturers offer a wide range of available roller shutters. The customer can choose covers with a simple, light structure that helps to illuminate the rooms, and patterned ones that will give the living room a cozy character.
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