ANWIS HOME - Your personal space

Create a window arrangement using your smartphone!

The Anwis Home application uses augmented reality technology. It combines real and virtual images by using a camera built into smartphones. It allows you to incorporate Anwis products into any window space, including the size and plane of the scanned environment.

Advantages of the Anwis Home application:

  • The product can be personalized and applied to the scanned window area,
  • Detailed mapping of systems and details based on 3D technology,
  • Ability to apply design changes and control the cover in real time,
  • Accessibility of popular internal and external systems, including wooden, pleated and facade blinds,
  • Ability to save the prepared visualization in the device's memory,
  • Simple and intuitive operation,
  • Cooperation with Android and iOS systems.

Download applications:

Prepare your visualization in 4 easy steps

1. Select a window cover

After starting the Anwis Home application, the window of cover selection will appear automatically. You can change the product at any time.

2. Scanning the environment

Indicate the window edges or window recess where you want to place the product. When the application finishes scanning, the marker will fill in green.

3. Control and configuration

You can configure each of the selected covers - change its size and plane, as well as choose accessories and colours. All products are made in 3D technology, so you can view them from any perspective.

4. Saving and sharing the project

After completing the visualization process, you can take a quick screenshot. You can easily send the prepared project via MMS and share it on Facebook or Instagram.

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System requirements for the Anwis Home application

Check what smartphone models ensure stable and smooth operation of the application.



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