Anwis Home uses a built-in phone camera which allows you to superimpose a virtual product on a scanned area of your window. This way, you will be able to check the effect you will get by selecting a particular type of blind. Download the Anwis Home application and see for yourself if your selected solution satisfies your design tastes. Fit it! Arrange it! Play with your freedom of choice! Selecting your virtual blinds is great fun!


Try our virtual blinds and create unique designs!

Design your interior with the help of Anwis Home application. Select accessories and colors of your choice. View our 3D models from any angle. It's the easiest way to see if your selected blind fits the rest of your home interior. Augmented Reality (AR) meticulously represents the authentic look of the blind systems, which you can control at any time: raise, lower and change the angle of the blades in your horizontal shutters. Simulate the presence of blinds installed in your windows with the help of the Anwis Home application. Our range of available solutions includes wooden, pleated, and facade shutters designed to provide you with a wide palette of design options.


Save and share your projects!

The application measures the size of the visualized window blind. You do not have to use a measuring tape to know the approximate dimensions of your blind. Once the project has been saved, the size of the blind will be visible in your photo description. You can easily send your visualization via an MMS message or share it on Facebook or Instagram. The application menu allows you to switch directly to your ANWIS sales partners map and forward your projects to showrooms of your choice. This way you will ensure quick contact with a professional advisor who will prepare a customized sales offer on the basis of the submitted materials. In addition, the application also allows you to visit us at www.anwis.pl where you will find all the necessary information about Anwis cover systems.

The Anwis Home application allows you to visualize window blinds in random spaces. It will make it easier for you to fit both internal and external Anwis products and to arrange your entire home space at the same time. Easy and intuitive menu guarantees its simple operation by all users looking for window blinds that perfectly fit their taste and interior design.


ANWIS HOME advantages:

  • Easy and intuitive operation,

  • Real-time blind control,

  • Detailed 3D-based system and fitting representation support,

  • Access to popular internal and external systems, including wooden, pleated, and facade shutters,

  • Dimensions check option for visualized blinds,

  • Visualization saving in device memory,

  • Direct switching to ANWIS sales partners and forwarding of projects to selected showrooms,

  • Compact size.​  


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