While most blinds allow you to control light levels, none provide as much comprehensive control and flexibility as day-night blinds. This makes them ideal not only for regulating the amount of daylight filling a room, but also for maintaining a desired level of privacy. What does this mean? On a sunny day, you can easily filter the amount of light according to your preference without blocking it completely and create a bright, airy atmosphere that still provides privacy. This effect is often useful - in addition to the bedroom - in the kitchen and bathroom. Is it worth buying blackout roller blinds in these rooms? Let's find out.

Black day-night blinds in the kitchen - is it a good idea

When decorating a house or apartment, kitchen windows are often overlooked, or their arrangement is left to the very end, as we focus on more exciting design decisions. Our attention is occupied with what home appliances to choose and what kitchen layout will be ideal. Meanwhile, the right blinds or curtains are just as important as custom furniture. They will make the space even more personal. They can also be an interesting part of the room's design, or even a focal point. Black day-night blinds will certainly be one. This type of window covering is also clever and easy to use. Moreover, if you use the windowsill, for example, to display herbs in pots, you can adjust the blind to create the space you need.

All window coverings will not work well in the kitchen. It is better to avoid curtains made of cotton, linen and silk, as they can fade or shrink in humid environments. Instead, a moisture and mildew resistant, waterproof material will be a better choice. It will also not be afraid of gradual discoloration. In many homes, the kitchen window is located above the sink. If this is the case for you, you will appreciate black day-night blinds not only for their remarkable appearance and functionality. What is important is that they will also be easy to clean, even if they get splashed.

Are black day-night blinds suitable for bathrooms?

This is a question that until recently should be answered honestly: no, not really. This was due to the construction and fabrics used for this type of window coverings. They were quite delicate and care had to be taken if cleaning was necessary. Meanwhile, most bathroom blinds need to be more durable and moisture resistant to be cleaned more often than bedroom or living room blinds. Fortunately, the range of fabrics available on the market today makes day-night blinds ideal for the bathroom.  When it comes to color, that is of course a matter of taste. Nevertheless, black day-night blinds against a background of tiles in one color is definitely an interesting arrangement.

​What is worth considering before buying bathroom roller blinds? High humidity and temperature changes may cause warping of the wooden blinds, therefore it is better to avoid such solutions. Even if the bathroom windows are covered with a matte film, an additional cover will ensure complete privacy, especially on the first floor. White, ecru or black, day-night blinds will certainly be appreciated by ladies who do their makeup in the bathroom. It is best to do it in natural light, nevertheless nobody smiles exposing their face to public. With day-night blinds, the neighbors from the house next door will not be able to look into your bathroom.

What decorations suit black day-night blinds?

We do not talk about tastes, but functionality is certainly something to consider when planning roller blinds for such demanding rooms as the kitchen and the bathroom. Whether in modern, eclectic or industrial interiors, black day-night blinds, just like any other window covering in these rooms, have to meet several important requirements in order to serve their purpose for as long as possible. First of all, as previously noted, the material from which they are made must be water resistant. Smooth surface is easier to keep clean, also this aspect is worth taking into account.

For a long time it used to be believed that in monochromatic spaces, based on a single color or achromatic that is devoid of color (such as white), a person rests. However, as many studies show, it is so only for a moment. Such spaces seem to be "unnatural" for people, which means that when we stay in them for a longer time, they do not have a soothing effect. Quite the opposite. Being in such an environment can make us more alert and anxious. The heart starts beating faster and blood pressure increases. Our brain needs contrast and change. It needs stimulation. It likes to notice more contrasting objects, textures, edges or colors. Such sensations for the brain, in the spaces where it lives, will provide just black day-night blinds.
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