Roman blinds and curtains

  • New fabric collection featuring am. others recycled fibres and velvet fabrics.
  • New look sewing style – the Roman blind with rods placed on the front or on the back side of the blind.
  • New look sewing style – curtain with hooks available with single or double overlaps.
  • Free adjustment of the height of blinds using a cord or electric control.
  • Hassle-free maintenance.
  • Reliable self-locking mechanism allows setting the Roman blind at any height.
  • Trouble-free mounting, aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Easy operation.
  • Neatly arranged folds without unwanted wrinkling.
  • A rich collection of fabric colours, including light diffusing, darkening and transparent.
  • Colour and fabric - coordinated cushions available.
  • Child safety protection devices – applied in chain-operated systems, prevent hazardous loops from forming.

Roman blinds are an elegant and fashionable window decoration; they come as either operated with a small bead chain or motorised. With its aesthetically pleasing folds, formed after the blind is pulled up, Roman blinds will beautifully decorate your lounge, bedroom or kitchen. They can be wall- or ceiling-mounted.

The RVS Roman blind is a totally new and thoroughly functional solution. Neatly mounted on the glass pane, the blind does not stand in the way during opening the window. This solution gives you the freedom to cover any part of the window. The rails of the blind (top and bottom one) can be freely moved alongside the glazing bead using convenient handles. This way the blind will form attractive folds.

Roman blinds offer sun-protection for any kind of room. They are an elegant and practical decoration of the windows as well as the whole interior. Apart from RVS Roman blinds we also offer traditional curtains:

  • grommet curtain – with an impressive wave pattern,
  • curtain with hooks – with double overlaps made at equal intervals.
When selecting your Roman blind you can order curtains and decorative cushions made of the same fabric (in search of new, exciting decorative effects you can also go for contrasting colours). One dominant pattern, repeated in different details will allow you to achieve a harmonious overall look.
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Type of roman blinds / curtains Optional non-invasive assembly Optional electric / battery control Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
Roman blind * * 400 600 3000 3000
RVS Roman blind * * 400 500 1500 2200
Curtain hanging on wheel * * 300 - 3000
Curtain hanging on hooks * * 300 - 3000

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