More and more people are looking for solutions other than traditional ones. Classic curtains are associated by many with an old-fashioned style that has not only gone out of use, but also does not fulfil the desired functions. When looking for alternative solutions, we often come across day and night blinds, which are constantly gaining in popularity. What is their uniqueness? Can day and night blinds in the living room fully replace the curtain?

Why is it worth to invest in day and night blinds in the living room?
The living room is a unique place in every home. We spend a lot of time in it every day, taking advantage of the moment of rest from our duties. When arranging a living room, we take care of many things - from small details to the most important equipment. At the furnishing stage, we often focus on the colour of the walls, a comfortable sofa or other accessories, forgetting about the arrangement of windows. This is a serious mistake! Windows are very eye-catching and affect the visual perception of the room. Even the most refined salon will not impress anyone if we do not take care of such important element. Day and night blinds are an alternative to curtains - they are just as aesthetic, and at the same time much more functional. Patterns and colours of roller blinds are an endless palette of colours and their shades. It will not be difficult to match the blinds to the overall design of the living room. You can use them to create an element that breaks the uniform colour of the walls or a decoration consistent with colours. The size of the window is not a limitation.

Roller blinds will work both in large display cases and windows with traditional dimensions. Despite the fact that they can fully replace curtains, nothing really prevents you from combining both solutions. Day and night blinds in the living room perfectly harmonize with curtains that will make the interior cozier and have a decorative function. When arranging an interior with roller blinds, the only limitation is your imagination.

Functional interiors right at your fingertips

Day and night blinds popularity is not just because of their aesthetics. If you have ever experienced the problem of excessive sunlight in a room, you should seriously consider buying roller blinds. Innovative technology allows you to manipulate the intensity of the light that enters the living room. Day and night roller blinds consist of light and dark horizontal stripes. With the help of a string, you can restrict access to sunlight in an instant and watch your favourite movie unhindered. It is worth remembering that the darker the colour of the material is, the less sunlight enters the room. What's more, the day and night blinds in the living room are also a way to provide yourself with a bit of privacy in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to them, you can easily cut yourself off from the curious glances of your neighbours.

Day and night blinds in the living room are easy and quick to install

Some people believe that day and night roller blinds are associated with arduous and complicated installation. Nothing could be more wrong! It is a convenient solution that was even created for easy installation. You can use the services of a store that will send an assembly specialist, but there is nothing to prevent you from doing it yourself. If you are afraid that you will have to break the window frame, drill or glue individual elements - your fears are unfounded. You can easily buy day and night roller blinds for the living room, which are attached with hooks or with a "click" system. It is a completely non-invasive method, and at the same time quick installation, which even a layman can handle.

How to choose day and night blinds for the living room?

When considering the choice of the best blinds, first you need to think about what effect you want to achieve. Modernist-style salons go well with subdued colours that will be broken with one stronger accent. Maybe the day and night roller blinds will prove themselves in this task? Classic, warm interiors also like warm colours. If the walls are dark, it is worth to choose some light blinds that will perfectly stand out against their background. Playing with the interior design in combination with roller blinds is a great field to play.

The size of the blinds is equally important. First of all, you need to consider whether they should only cover the glass, whether they should also cover the window frame or cover the recess. Secondly, there is a need to take all dimensions, because day and night roller blinds are made to order. You can check the dimensions yourself. If you are not sure if you will do it right, please contact us and ask for help. Our experts will advise you on which places you should measure.
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