Advantages of window day and night roller blind

The advantages of day and night roller blinds, thanks to their user-friendly functions, are numerous. Let's analyse them - one by one.

Advantage no. 1: A multitude of styles and patterns

According to the latest research carried out by TNS Polska at the request of BRW, as many as 90% of Poles attach great importance to the appearance of home interiors. It is a clear signal that shows that we value the aesthetics of the rooms in which we spend most of our lives. What colours do we most often choose? The results of the My Home survey conducted by Westwing Home & Living showed that white, beige and shades of grey dominate our homes. However, we sometimes choose more intensive colours, e.g. blue or purple. The day and night blackout blinds available on the market, however, can be freely selected to the style we prefer, regardless of whether we are interested in subdued arrangements or those with a slight hint of madness. They will work in a children's room (especially blackout fabrics, which will allow the interior to be completely darkened), or in interiors that lack depth (here, in turn, it is worth using patterned materials that will give the interior depth). 

Advantage no. 2: Convenience

There are 2 types of roller blinds on the market - manually or electrically operated. Let us focus for a moment on the latter. The biggest advantage of electrically controlled roller blinds is convenience. Raising and lowering the blinds is probably something that many of us do every day, e.g. after getting out of bed. Sometimes it is even the only reason why we have to leave a warm, comfortable bed… Imagine what it might look like if you could operate the blinds with a remote control or a smartphone. Sounds interesting, right? In the case of electrically operated blinds, there is no need to struggle with cords and get up to them just to change their height.

Advantage no. 3: Protection from the su

Day and night blackout blinds provide excellent light control, creating a soft shadow effect that can cover the entire window while keeping the light in the room. This is very important especially for people who work at the computer. Roller blinds allow you to avoid reflections of light that may appear on the monitor, thus increasing the comfort of our work. The solution will work both in the office and at home. And taking into account that in the last year many people worked remotely and, as research shows, almost 60% of employees in Poland expect that after the pandemic they will still work remotely more often - this function of the roller shutter is particularly important.

Advantage no. 4: Day and night blackout blinds - for small and large surface

Day and night blackout blinds are perfect for covering large areas. Thanks to the available dimensions of the roller tube, the maximum size of the ANWIS roller blind can be as much as 20 m2! Day and night roller blinds also have practical solutions for small windows. The windows mounted on the frame and equipped with a cassette and side guides ensure stable adhesion of the fabric to the glass and full darkening of the rooms. Thanks to this, using the roller blinds day and night will be extremely comfortable even on the windows that we use very often.

Advantage no. 5: Safe use

Day and night blackout blinds are equipped with Child Safety devices that prevent the formation of a dangerous loop in bead chain-controlled systems. This is a very important function, because, as shown by the results of the PZU report "Safe Child", as many as 84% ​​of parents stated that in today's world children face more dangers than when they were little themselves. The study also showed that as many as 8 out of 10 parents do not feel confident in this topic and would be willing to seek the help of specialists. And the vast majority of respondents claim that it is parents who should teach their children to behave safely. Taking care of safety, even in such a prosaic area as roller shutter protection, can therefore be a step towards the protection of children.

Advantage no. 6: Warranty

It is worth paying attention to the length of the warranty provided by the manufacturer - the longer the warranty, the better the quality of the product. ANWIS day and night blackout blinds have guarantees for up to 36 months.
To sum up - the biggest advantages of day and night roller blinds are:
  • Convenience of use,
  • Flexibility in adapting to the interior and type of window,
  • Functionality,
  • Safety of use,
  • Sun protection,
  • Long warranty period.
Is it worth investing in day and night blinds? The answer seems to be obvious.
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