SCREEN roller shutter open to any space

The SCREEN Anwis roller shutter can be used on all types of windows and large glazed areas. In case of completed buildings it can be installed in a recess or on a façade. It is also often used in garden architecture, to screen pergolas or gazebos. In this case an interesting solution is the possibility of reverse mounting of the box. This allows to place the guides and the fabric closer to the external part of the structure, and thus to maximize the use of available space. In newly designed houses, the SCREEN roller shutter in a flush-mounted system will function perfectly. Then only the fabric remains visible as a part of the screen, which you can adjust to your individual needs.

Always the perfect level of visibility and sunshine

In the SCREEN Anwis roller shutter system you can decide e.g. on the level of transparency of the fabric (OF: 0%, 1%, 3%, 4%). As the opening factor (OF) increases, the degree of light penetration increases. A SCREEN roller shutter with an OF of 0% will ensure complete privacy and total blackout. This is a perfect solution, for example in conference rooms or at home, where you want to ensure a bit of intimacy. Fabrics with a higher degree of transparency are often used on pergolas or terraces. They eliminate light reflections and provide an intimate character of the covered space, while at the same time you can see the landscape outside.

Wide range of applications

SCREEN Anwis roller shutter guarantee durability of construction and fabrics during operation in difficult weather conditions. They are resistant to moisture, high temperature and UV radiation. Their main task is to protect rooms against intensive sunlight and excessive heating. In the ZIP system, where the fabric is integrated with side guides, the roller blind protects the shielded space against strong wind. When set in the closed position, it also constitutes a perfect barrier against insects and dirt. In this way it ensures comfortable conditions in the apartment or office, and in the case of garden structures - undisturbed rest in the open air.

With style and comfort in mind

With SCREEEN Anwis roller shutter you can easily cover any large area: up to 6 m wide or 18 m2. Modern design and colors will allow you to create an interesting and friendly space. Choosing from among 47 screen fabrics and 15 fashionable colors of fittings - from white and grey to anthracite, graphite or black - you can arrange it so that it matches the architecture of your house, garden or office.

To improve the comfort of use, all models of SCREEN Anwis roller shutters are equipped with electric control. With a remote control or an application on your mobile device, you can quickly set the blind in a position which will provide you with optimal conditions for work or rest. The shades can also raise and lower without your interference. Just connect them to weather control or a timer. 

SCREEN roller shutters are characterized by durability and wide range of applications. Equipped with the latest control methods they will guard optimal conditions whenever you need them.
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