Facade blinds and roller blinds - the main differences

Angular adjustment of the slats is the most important difference between facade blinds and other systems. In case of roller blinds mounted on the outside, only the height of the cover can be changed, which means that all the sun's rays reach through the unprotected part. The possibility of angular adjustment allows the user to smoothly adjust the intensity of sunlight. Importantly, in the facade blinds, as in the roller shutters, it is possible to fully or partially roll them up (at least half the height of the window).

When is it worth considering assembly?

Due to the specificity of the operation of facade blinds, we can install them in various ways: to the wall, facade structure or window frame, regardless of the architectural situation of the building. Each type of facade blinds is available in a wide range of colours, so you can match them to the architecture of the building and other details.

Currently, more and more facilities are equipped with air conditioning. The installation of external facade blinds is a great complement, compatible with advanced ventilation systems. External installation of the blinds makes them reflect the sun's rays, which reduces heat in the rooms and thus the efficiency of air conditioners. This translates directly into a significant reduction in the operating costs of the facility.


Due to the method of installation, there are traditional facade blinds (with cable or guides), flush-mounted, over-the-window and self-supporting blinds. All types of blinds differ from each other, and the choice of the right one depends on the specificity of the building.

Flush-mounted facade blinds are installed under the building insulation. Due to the specificity, at the stage of the construction or modernization design of the facility, the contractor should prepare appropriate lintels and enlarge the window openings to a size that allows the installation of the blinds.

Facade blinds installed on the windows are installed together with the windows. Structural elements are set together with the window. As in the flush-mounted system, also here a larger size of the window opening should be prepared, which will allow the box to be properly placed.

It is also worth paying attention to self-supporting facade blinds. They are the most comfortable solution in terms of the ease of installation in difficult architectural conditions. In this solution, the bearing elements of the blind are guides on which the entire blind rests. The cover can then be mounted, among others. to the building facade or window structure.

Additional values

In addition to protecting against sunlight or unwanted gazes, facade blinds provide increased acoustic comfort inside the building. Moreover, they are easy to keep clean and serviceable. Tasteful and weather-resistant facade blinds are a recommended solution in every new or renovated apartment building.
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