Contemporary architectural solutions adapted to the modern lifestyle are developing towards minimalist and industrial styles. They are dominated by large glazing, high-quality functional materials ensuring comfort in the rooms and technological solutions guaranteeing even greater comfort and safety. Thanks to the use of these practical solutions, SCREEN external fabric roller blinds from Anwis perfectly fit into the current trends, aesthetically matching the style of the building.

External fabric roller blinds and the fashion for large glazing

The fashion for large glazing and panoramic windows requires the use of appropriate covers, which is often a great challenge. Anwis screens have boxes in several sizes (95 mm, 105 mm, 125 mm) of various shapes: oval, square or cut - 45°. The construction of the roller blind also allows for the production of a product in large dimensions, even up to 18 m2. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the roller blinds more precisely to the individual architectural design.

Modern technologies for external covers

Smart Home solutions more and more often complement the architecture of modern buildings, affecting the comfort and safety of use. SCREEN external fabric roller blinds from Anwis equipped with electric control systems by means of a wall switch or RTS remote control, enable precise regulation of the light entering the interior by operating a single roller blind or their groups. An extremely functional solution is to connect the roller blinds to the central building management system, controlled by the application on mobile devices. If we want to fully automate and adjust the covers to the current weather conditions, it is worth connecting them to weather automation or a timer.

Materials, fabrics and design are tailored to your individual style

The choice of Anwis Screen colours depends on individual taste and preferences. Both supporters of natural shades, industrial grey, as well as contrasting, distinctive colours will find something for themselves in the collection of 47 fabric designs and 15 housing colours. It is also possible to order roller blinds in a non-standard colour according to the RAL palette. High-quality materials, especially desirable in minimalist-style projects, are to provide additional amenities for building users. Anwis screens made of PVC-coated fiberglass or polyester fabrics additionally protect against harmful weather conditions, including UV radiation, dust and dirt getting inside the rooms.

SCREEN external fabric roller blinds offer not only protection against the sun, excessive heating of rooms and unfavourable external factors, but also affect the aesthetics of the interior, responding to the latest architectural trends and adapting to every style.
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