Paired with the window

One of the safer options is to match the blinds to the colour of the windows and the material they are made from. If you are a proud owner of PVC windows in white colour, you should probably choose wood blinds with smooth surface in shades of white. The uniform slatted texture is also suitable for steel and aluminum windows. If your window frames are made of wood, select slats with distinctive wood grain pattern of a similar shade.  Your new, matching blinds will not only beautifully complement the architecture of the house, they will also withstand changes in interior design. 

Find a matching element

Your blinds can also be matched to the style of the interior, in which case  they do not have to be in tune with the colour of the window frames. The important thing is to couple the wooden blind with a decorative element of the interior eg. an ornament or colour of a wall. The current trend is to harmonize the blinds with pieces of furniture or kitchenware. It is an ever popular method that always gurantees that your home decor will be a harmonious and cohesive one. What is more, the trick works just as well for the lounge, bedroom or nursery. 


In the ANWIS collection you will easily find blinds which meet your requirements. See how quickly and effortlessly you can give your home a stylish makeover. All you have to do is to take a look at our wooden blinds product catalogue.

Visual enlargement

When selecting the colour of your blinds it is a good idea to consider the size of the room. Shades of white and light grey will optically enlarge small rooms; darker shades, in turn, will make them look and feel warm and intimate, enabling you to create a cosy  atmosphere even in a spacious lounge. The colour of the slats influences natural light in the interior; light shades make the room look and feel light whereas muted colours can stop some of the light getting through the slats. All this can be an important factor in interiors whose location or window pattern limit the amount of light getting into the room. 

On the other side of the window

The colour of the slats may also influence the look of your house. Slats, when tilted or closed are well visible from the outside of your house; once harmonized with the facade, they will give your house a touch of elegance. The solution works especially well for building facades or its most exposed walls. 


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