They do not need electric cables or additional power for their operation.

Most often internal blinds are equipped with manual control. For more comfort, you can choose remotely controlled models. However, to be able to lower or raise the shutter after pressing the button on the remote control, it is necessary to connect the power supply. This involves the need to bring the electrical cables to the right points. It's best to plan it at the finishing stage. Otherwise it will be necessary to forge the walls.

An alternative solution is ANWIS internal blinds with a battery-powered motor. The batteries are located in the winding tube cassette. It charges approximately every three months using the included charger. Fully charged, they provide up to 180 cycles of automatic winding and unwinding of the iris. Blinds are operated by a remote control that operates on radio waves, which also allows them to be programmed. Just connect the blind to the power supply. Necessary accessories are included in the basic package.

Remote control blinds will work great in windows with small dimensions and small areas, especially when access is difficult. They can also be used for covering glazing up to 3,0 m high.

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