Juun aluminium blind makes use of two most popular internal sun-protection systems. As a result Juun, with its classical horizontal blind design, is fitted with a wide range of control options up to now featuring in pleated blinds only.  

Bi-directional control

The Juun aluminium blind is made of 25 mm wide slats. They are suspended on a cord ladder, between two movable tubular slats - upper and lower one. You decide which part of the window you want to shield by changing their position. The brake hidden in the tube allows you to block the cover firmly in the position you choose, for example when it doubles as a blind. Once fully rolled up, Juun covers only a small fraction of the window pane, which enables smooth transition from total blackout to full exposure to direct sunlight. Guiding cables ensure smooth operation of the blind at the same time enabling hassle-free tilting and opening of the windows. By using the handle located on the upper shaft, you can also change the tilt angle of the slats. Turning it down or up, you decide how much light will enter the room.


Dress up your windows with aluminium blinds 

With 85 delightful colours of slats at your disposal, matching your blind to the interior will be an exciting exercise in creativity. Some shades are subdued, some will catch the eye with their clarity and colour saturation. The desired effect can be achieved by selecting the right colour of accessories like moveable tubular slats and handles. Accessories come in 8 standard colours: white, creamy white, beige, silver anode, anthracite, basalt grey, brown and black. Tubular slats can be customised as well, as long as the colour belongs to RAL palette. All this will allow you to personalise your blind making it look just right.


Comfort and safety day and night

Juun blind will look great in any room. In the living room or the bedroom Juun will enable you to find the desired compromise between privacy and  light. Resistant to moisture, Juun is ideal for kitchen and bathroom arrangements. The blind can also become a practical and interesting addition to the nursery. since it does not feature external controls, such as string or bead chain, it will help you create a safe environment for the youngest family members (Child Safety). You can also use it in the office. Our blinds effectively protect the interior from too intense light which is often a nuisance to those working with computer screens. In fact, Juun aluminium blind will work in interiors where you need eye-catching window decorations with a wide range of controls.


Simple assembly
on every window

With Juun you will be able to shield windows as wide as 1,2 m and as high as 2,2 m. You can install it on the glass pane (glazing beads) or on window profiles. Another option includes non-invasive mounting of fixing brackets on the window frame.​​

Safe, durable, hassle-free and easy to operate, Juun will change the way you think about aluminium blinds. June aluminium blind offered in impressive colours will be an ideal decoration tailored to your expectations and beautifully complementing the style of your decor.

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