Insect screens for boats

  • Reliable protection against insects.
  • Custom size on request.
  • Fibreglass Mesh ensures durability of the screen.
  • Frame available in 7 colours, including wood-like laminates.
  • Made of corrosion resistant aluminium.
  • Quick and easy mounting.
  • Available in [non-standard shapes.

Insect screens for boats provide an effective protection against insects. They are designed for hatches, access doors, boat entrances and caravan doors. Custom sized insect screens perfectly fit any opening.

In addition, quick and easy mount by inserting and removing  the insect screen frame from the sliding hatch cover / boat door  greatly  improves the comfort and ease of use. There will be no problems with finding storage space for your insect screen frame once you need to put it away.

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Mosquito net system unusual shape max. width [mm] max. height [mm]
boat mosquito net * 1500 1500
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