Temperature control and air conditioner operation suppor

SCREEN external fabric roller blinds are best known for their main function: protecting the room against excessive sunlight and heating. It is possible thanks to the use of the appropriate type of screen fabrics with the degree of light transmission adjusted to individual needs.

On large glass surfaces, Screens by Anwis will additionally support the operation of air conditioners, which will reduce the operating costs of the building, and will positively affect the well-being of people staying in it. The construction of the roller shutter allows it to be made up to 18m2.

Clean air and comfort inside the building

SCREEN external fabric roller blinds are equipped with screen fabrics made of glass fiber or polyester, covered with PVC. This structure protects against harmful weather conditions, including UV radiation. The lowered roller shutter also acts as a mosquito net, preventing intrusive insects from entering the room and protecting against pollen and dust. This function will be especially useful for allergy sufferers and among users of buildings located in city centres and on busy roads with higher levels of pollution.

External fabric roller blinds and Smart Home solutions

Thanks to the ability to connect to the central building management system, screens from Anwis can be controlled remotely, from anywhere, via an application on mobile devices in Android or iOS, with Internet access. An additional convenience is the ability to connect roller blinds to weather automation or a timer. This will enable the covers to react independently to changing weather conditions and protect them against adverse environmental conditions without additional user intervention. This solution not only provides convenience and comfort in the room, but also saves time.

How do external fabric roller blinds create the style of the building

It is worth adding that SCREEN external fabric roller blinds are not only a functional element of the building, but also a stylish complement to its aesthetics. The choice of 47 patterns in line with market trends available in the collection of screen fabrics and 15 standard system colours for the housing, allows you to match the roller blinds to any architectural style: from modern, through classic, to eclectic.

SCREEN roller blinds from Anwis guarantee lower operating costs, save time, have a positive effect on health and well-being, and are a stylish element of the building. Their comprehensive operation offers a number of amenities that go beyond the main, best-known functionalities.
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