Custom-made aluminium blinds – pleasing appearance and practicality
Internal aluminium blinds are  practical, easy to operate as well as exceptionally decorative. They complement  interiors in any style – classic, rustic, scandi or ultra modern. But that is not all. They allow free and precise adjustment of  the amount of natural light entering the room, provide thermal insulation and ensure free circulation of air while enhancing privacy. Last but not least, they are durable and easy to clean. 

As far as colours and sizes of aluminium blinds go, customers who choose  this stylish and unique type of blind are spoilt for choice. The freedom to individually select every element of custom-made aluminium blind allows one to unleash one’s creativity while decorating the interior. In answer to the enormous popularity of aluminium blinds, the colour range they are offered in is truly impressive. It has recently been further enriched with new proposals which reflect the trends to dominate the market in the coming years.
Cosy and naturally hygge – aluminium slats in earth colours
The latest collection of aluminium slats is based on the colours of the Earth - colours naturally occuring in nature like green and brown, shades of yellow, a broad range of greys, warm beiges and soft blue bringing up associations with water and the sky. This colour range currently plays a dominant  role in the latest trends in fashion and interior design, which is the consequence of the general shift towards ecology and the need for regeneration and tranquility. 

These colours  derived from Nature, like Nature itself, have a calming effect on everybody. Considerable freedom to match and arrange  different colours, characteristic for the trend, offers equally great scope for creative room design. 

The very trend is reflected in the latest collection of slats for Anwis aluminium blinds. The collection features predominantly off-whites, browns, beiges, greys and greens – light hues as well as deeper, darker ones. 

Why choose tapes for ANWIS aluminium blinds?

The new ANWIS aluminium blind tape collection is all about functionality, quality and durability. The tapes are extremely resistant to mechanical damage, easy to clean and resistant to dust and dirt, which is crucial for people with allergy problems.

Aluminium blinds are a solution that allows you to have full control over the amount of light that is provided, thus influencing the the room temperature, protecting you from too much sun or the prying eyes of your neighbours. ANWIS aluminium blind tapes can blend beautifully with the existing décor, they, however, lend themselves equally well to more creative applications, too. 

Find a tailor-made solution

The ANWIS range of tapes for aluminium blinds is now varied enough to facilitate individual choice of shading for both  domestic and office spaces. Depending on your preferences, the blinds can either match the basic, dominant colour of the room gently blending in, or - in a contrating colour and unusual texture – they can become a statement piece. 

Colour and texture are not the only criteria that prove decisive when choosing this type of window covering. Another, equally important factor, is the width of the slats. Customers are currently most often opting for the 50 mm version of aluminium slats. Naturally, these, too, are included in the latest Anwis collection. The other sizes on offer are 16 and 25 mm.

The new collection includes up to 145 different tapes in three widths, for both classic and non-standard windows! As a result, everyone can find their dream slats, matching them to the window frames, the colour scheme and the style of the interior.

See the e-catalogue with our new colour range and find your preferred shade.
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