In order to become fully compliant with the PN-EN 13120+A1:2014-04 Child Safety European standard all internal blinds should be fitted with devices that ensure their safe operation. 

Sun-protection systems fitted with Child Safety protection device

It is sun protection systems operated with cords or ball chains that present the greatest danger. Loosely hanging down, the cords and ball chains form loops which may become potential death traps for children. This is why systems mounted in the interiors children have acess to systems mounted should be  fitted with special safety devices like: loop tensioners (tensioning the cord), break-away cord /chain connectors (breaks open when under pressure) or detachable control units (Fly Wheel). All Anwis products are fitted with these safety enhancing  components as standard.

In cord operated blinds (eg. horizontal ones) the tensioner may serve as a safety holder – after pulling the blind up, you just wrap the remaining cord around it. In systems operated with a ball chain (endless loop) the tensioner also serves as  a holder for the loose hanging chain. The tensioner features am.others in roller, roman and pleated blinds. Depending on the type of the system and the way it is fitted, it can be mounted on the wall or the window frame.

All ball-chain or cord-operated internal sun-protection systems should be fitted with a break-away connector. When under pressure, the loop simply breaks apart and one can easily put it back together again. All this in no way impairs  the functioning of the blind. Should you decide on a system with a Child Safety option, your operating cords will come trimmed to proper length, hanging at a safe distance from the floor, well beyond the reach of children.

Other ANWIS systems (roman and VX pleated blinds) can be fitted with the „Fly Wheel” mechanism;  every time ball chain is pulled abruptly, its operational part detaches itself from the rest of the mechanism making the blind totally safe for children. The system is reusable, which means once detached it can be assembled again and the blind will function as before.

Sun-protection systems without ball chain or cord

If you are looking for cord- or chain-less sun-protection you might be interested am. others in pleated blinds fitted with spring mechanism. Quick and quiet operation and lack of externally fitted control units make the systems  super safe for children and totally compliant with all Child Safety standards.

Another, equally practical solution are systems operated with handles mounted on rails connecting the fabric. A good example here are RVS roman blinds and pleated blinds; with no dangling parts of operating system they will be a perfect choice for your nursery.

Your child’s safety will also be safe-guarded by motorised sun-protection systems  available with all ANWIS products. Motorised blinds are operated with remote controls or mobile devices.

When choosing a sun-protection system always check whether its design is compliant with the current legal regulations. After you have put some thought into making your new blinds safe, you can sit back and enjoy your home in complete peace of mind. 

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