The origin of the Provencal style

Fields full of the fragrant lavender, endless spaces, hills green with grass, stone houses - this is what the unurbanized areas of south-eastern France look like to this day, where people still live slowly and in harmony with nature. Provencal landscapes were a graceful painting topic - the landscapes there were especially loved by the Impressionists. Even today, when Provence is popular among tourists, you can still count on silence and a unique atmosphere here. The Provencal style is a pattern that is willingly replicated, which also passes the exam in Poland.

The colours of the Provencal style are based on a combination of white and pastel shades. Cozy spaces with soft colours are full of details referring to the heritage of the past. For timeless, simple, but also extraordinary models. The aesthetics of home space, associated with holiday rest and relaxation, is the key to understanding the style. Accessories, such as a pastel Roman blind for the kitchen, perfectly match the expectations of the household. Provencal style, for obvious reasons, is recommended not only for the arrangement of home space, but also in summer houses.

Roman blinds - colours in the Provencal style

The first idea is modern Roman blinds in white. However, for practical reasons, this solution may not work. Better to opt for grey or warm beige instead. Also, subtle shades of orange, blue and yellow are a good colour for Roman blinds. In addition to plain colours, blinds with floral motifs, especially lavender, grain, fruit and wild flowers, are popular too.

Simple assembly of Roman blinds

Modern Roman blinds are easy to install. They can be attached in several ways. The first is mounting on the window sash. Another suggestion is to use a rail (attached to the wall or ceiling). You need to take into account your personal preferences and the possibility of fixing it in a given room. Therefore, it is necessary, among others, that the roller blinds installed in rooms that require frequent ventilation should not interfere with the closing and opening of the windows.

Roman blinds - what material to choose

With the Provencal style, the most obvious are natural fabrics - linen and cotton. In addition, artificial fabrics such as polyester and polyamide are commonly used.

When choosing a material, it is advisable to follow not only the type, but also the structure and thickness. Roman blinds in the kitchen should be made of materials more resistant to moisture and dirt than in the bedroom.

Therefore, instead of linen, cotton or suede blinds, polyester or polyamide will be a better choice. These materials retain their colour longer and are more resistant to stains. Many stains can be removed with a damp sponge and a mild detergent. On the other hand, the thickness and colour of the fabrics should match the amount of sunlight associated with the location of the window.
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