However, as a result of intense summer sunlight, the attic may become unbearably hot. The problem can be solved by installing the roller blind for skylight windows.

Attic conversion, desirable as it may seem, is connected with several issues which require attention. Among them overheating of the rooms in summer and escape of the heat through the roof in winter are probably the main sources of frustration.

In the summer, though, attics tend to overheat with the summer sun, which problem can be solved by mounting roof blinds in the windows.  

Why roof blinds?

Roof roller and pleated blinds offered by ANWIS are designed to fulfill both blackout and decorative functions. Southern exposure roof windows, naturally exposed to strong sunlight, require blackout blinds, whose main advantage is the extra layer of light protection they provide. A good example of such a product offered by ANWIS is Fantazja Premium blind. The solutions applied (side guides, shielding cassette) effectively reduce light leaks. Another device enabling to exercise control over light is the self-locking mechanism which sets the blind at any height depending on the need of the moment (full lighting, semi-darkness, total darkening).

More importantly, lowering and raising the blind does not require closing the window, thanks to which  constant ventilation is ensured.

The fabric, which runs smoothly even when the window is open, is connected with the sliders using ultrasounds, which prevents it from falling out of the side guides. The blind can be controlled using the wand, which is especially convenient given that roof windows are usually located hugh up and therefore difficult to access.

Pleated blinds

ANWIS pleated roof roller blind is a product whose target customers are those seeking products which are both original and functional.The blind, like the interior roof blind, has been equipped with a number of solutions enabling trouble-free operation: self-braking mechanism, side guides and a flat cassette, and last but not least - a handy wand.

An extremely versatile product, ANWIS pleated blind can be installed in all non-standard window openings. The blind is ideally suited for windows in the shape of a semicircle, trapezoid, triangle, often used in attics.

Pleated blind also works well in glazed roof constructions. Fitting the blinds with an electric control mechanism improves the practicality and convenience of use, which is of great importance in the case of window covers mounted in roof windows.

A wide offer of designs and colours of fabrics and finishing details as well as application of interesting solutions (eg. two fabrics in one system mounted on one window) result in a unique product combining practicality (protection against heating) with considerable aesthetic appeal. Apart from blackout fabrics, ANWIS offers fabrics with varying levels of transparency; as a result, when deciding on a particular solution, you  are able to take into account both its functional and decorative aspects.   

ANWIS roof blinds are products that can be used in both types of roof windows: wooden and PVC. Their basic function being control over the amount of light penetrating inside, roof blinds, available in a multitude of colours and shapes, will add an air of elegance and sophistication to any attic room.

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