Screen fabrics are multifunctional coverings that can be used not only in glazed facilities, but also on balconies, arbors and verandas.

The wide range of patterns and colours makes it easy to match the colour of the façade to the style in which we have arranged the house. The advantages of screen blinds will be appreciated by people who like to relax in a nice, cool atmosphere. It is also possible to select fabric in the form of different density mesh which controls the amount of light and thermal radiation getting inside at the same time preserving good outside visibility. The fabrics ensure free air circulation while effectively protecting against dirt and insects. All members of the household can rest assured that nothing will disturb their peace.

The fabric used in this type of window covering consists of PVC coated glass fibres, which guarantees its durability and reliability. What is important, the blind is resistant to harmful weather conditions, such as sun or rain. Thanks to a special ZIP system, which steadily holds the fabric in the guides, the blind can withstand even the strongest gusts of wind. Your SCREEN external blind will fully protect your household against adverse weather conditions. Do screen blinds require special care? No, they don’t. The cleaning of Screen fabric is simple enough for the customers to be able to do it on their own. Removing dirt comes down to brushing the blind with a delicate bristle brush and then rinsing the fabric surface with clean water. More stubborn stains can be removed using mild detergents.

For sizeable window openings there are dedicated fabrics up to 5 m in height and width. This solution will certainly appeal modern and minimalist style enthusiasts and owners of homes with a large number of windows. Screen external blinds effectively protect the room against sunlight and excessive heating with in the case of air-conditioned facilities, has a considerable impact on the cost of electricity used. Screen blinds are a unique collection of fabrics available in 40 colours, with a variety of patterns and shades. We also offer oval, square or bevelled boxes. With the fabric neatly rolling into the box, the system can easily be matched to the façade of the building and to the individual preferences of the user. All this makes the roller shutter a perfect complement to all buildings built in traditional style.

The SCREEN external roller blind may be installed in many ways.

It can be easily mounted to the window frame, façade structure or directly to the wall, which guarantees a wide range of arrangement options and freedom of selection of architectural solutions All models are equipped with an electric drive. To control the blind a switch or a remote control can be used, the latter being the more practical solution as it allows to operate the blind from a distance.

SCREEN external blinds offer many advantages. First of all, they allow control over the amount of light and heat that penetrates inside, also offer protection from prying eyes of passers-by. of passers-by. Modern external blinds are also an investment in peaceful sleep, ensure protection against pollution, insects and changing weather conditions. Choose your dream colour and enjoy the experience.

The ANWIS SCREEN external roller blind won the main prize in the third edition of the INSPIRATIONS 2018 competition in the SMART HOUSE category.

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