Slats rule!

The key feature of the blinds in the SOLIDBOX system is the trouble-free installation of the cassette and the guides under the outer layer of building insulation. The only visible part of the blind remain the slats which, once pulled up, completely disappear under the building facade. With this type of assembly no unwanted element of the blind – except for decorative slats – disturbs the harmonious appearance of the building; also finishing the house façade with wood, stone or tiles no longer presents a challenge.

Classic "C", modern "Z"

The slats of the SOLIDBOX external venetian blind come in the shape of the letters "C" and "Z". The former brings to mind internal aluminium blinds with its  delicate form perfectly complementing the interior of every home, regardless the style it is decorated in. The key characteristic feature of the "C" profile is the possibility of rotating the slats within the range of 180°, which, with smooth control of the slat angle, allows to freely adjust the amount of light penetrating the interior. The "Z" slats (90° rotation) give the building structure a more dynamic touch. With silencing gasket as its distinguishing feature and "Z"- shaped slats ensuring better reflection of sunlight with less blackout of rooms, this variation of the SOLIDBOX blind is a very tempting option indeed.

It is worth noting that the slats covering large, glazed surfaces protect your  privacy while ensuring  the right temperature distribution in the room. When closed, they slow down heat transfer while effectively reducing the amount of noise penetrating inside. This way you can enjoy comfortable conditions throughout the house, all day, every day.                      .

Chic and elegance - inside and outside

Blinds greatly influence the building’s aesthetics, they also give the finishing touch to the protected rooms. Light gently reflected from the surface of the slats - passing through the blind – can create a truly unique atmosphere in the interior. Another attribute of the blinds is their colour - visible not only from the garden or gazebo, but also from the inside of the rooms.  ANWIS offers the most fashionable colours used in joinery today, such as: basalt grey, textured anthracite, black, as well as wood-like patterns. To make your own fashion statement, you can also select any colour from the RAL palette.

Control in practice

You can operate the ANWIS flush-mounted external venetian blind with a remote control or a wall-mounted control unit.  Manual mode will allow you to change the position of the blind yourself. It is also possible to program ready scenarios, which will make the blinds rise and lower automatically, e.g. at a set time. Another extremely practical solution is connecting the blinds with weather automation (changing the position of the blinds depending on wind speed, sunlight and temperature) and intelligent building systems. In the latter case, the control panel alongside with other control techniques, will allow you to manage other systems in the home, such as heating or lighting.

The SOLIDBOX external venetian blinds are designed to provide the building elevation with an impressive, aesthetically pleasing finish. They effectively protect the interior from the sun and noise while providing privacy at any time of the day or night. Available in many colours and slat shapes,  fitted with efficient control systems, SOLIDBOX external blind  will  suit not only the needs of your household but also all individual needs of its members.
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