Vertical blinds

  • Can cover large glazed surfaces or serve as partition wall.
  • Mixing patterns and colours, swapping slats becomes possible.
  • Suitable for slanted ceilings.
  • A wide selection of fabrics including those dedicated for rooms with increased hygiene requirements.
  • Child safety protection devices – applied in chain-operated systems, prevent hazardous loops from forming.

Vertical blinds are window coverings which offer a greater freedom of operation. They offer a better protection from the sun and the fabrics used are of the highest quality. A brilliant design tool, vertical blind is really easy to operate. Best suited for offices and homes, it will look great in any building with large-size windows. Vertical blinds will allow you to create an interior with great ambiance and an inspiring atmosphere.

The rail the vertical blind is attached to looks like an ordinary curtain rod. It can be mounted on horizontal or slanted surfaces like the attic ceiling. In the rail there is a guide with moveable link runners with hooks to which vertical slats are attached; the slats can be easily replaced or swapped. By combining different colour fabrics you can create an unforgettable window decoration which will make your room stand out. Almost 300 fabric patterns, slats replaceable without disassembling the rail will enable you to effortlessly play with different looks and design ideas.

Vertical blinds will effectively protect any kind of interior. Rotating 180 degrees around their own axis, the slats protect the interior against the sun and shield it from curious glances from outside at the same time assuring a good view from the inside. Depending on the chosen system, vertical blinds can be drawn to one side, to the middle or symmetrically sideways. Last but not least, vertical blind may serve as a door or partition wall, dividing big spaces into smaller sectors. This solution is ideal for office environments where workers are in need of separate workspaces.

Depending on your taste or the size of the covered recess, one can use 89 or 127 mm wide fabrics. The maximum width of the blind is 5m. Due to their unique properties, vertical blinds can be applied among others in spaces where sanitary and fire safety requirements are very strict. Vertical blinds are cord- or wand-operated whereas motorised vertical blinds are remote-controlled.

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Type of vertical blinds Unusual slant shape Optional electric control Slats can be swapped Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
89 mm * * * 300 500 5000 4000
127 mm * * * 300 500 5000 4000

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