Why wooden blinds in shades of white?

A characteristic feature of interiors decorated in the Scandinavian style is minimalism and a simple and orderly form. All rooms are bright and functional. Moreover, the windows of such interiors do not feature classic curtains. Instead of them, practical and ecological window covers, such as wooden blinds, are often used. They offer comfortable and precise control over the light without the need to frequently raise and lower the cover. White colour will make the light entering through the window reflect from the surface of the tilted slats and illuminate the entire space under cover. Consequently, the rooms will appear more spacious. This type of cover will also perfectly harmonize with, for example, white furniture, becoming an additional accent combining the interior with nature.

How to distinguish Scandinavian interiors with the use of white Anwis wooden blinds?

The sober design of Scandinavian interiors is diversified with colourful, patterned accessories. Therefore, when arranging rooms, we should pay attention to all decorative elements that may affect the interior design. In the case of Anwis white wooden blinds, we have the freedom to choose finishing elements, which allows us to create a personalized cover in such a way that it fits best with the home. For example, we can decide on the type of ladder, the most effective of which is the textile version. It has several widths of tape, many sewing patterns and a variety of colours that will diversify the simple form of the cover and windows. Selected in expressive, warm colours, it will give the interior character and coziness. Of course, if we want the ladder to be less visible, we can always use the string version. The visual perception of the rooms is also influenced by the colours of the upper gutter and the lower slat, which, in contrast, may appear in natural shades of wood, in a brown colour. These types of accessories often warm up cool Scandinavian interiors and appear as finishing elements for furniture: coffee tables, chairs and armchairs.

White lamellas, which one?

When choosing Anwis white wooden blinds, we can choose from various shades and textures. From snow-white to delicate earth colours. Among them you will find smooth and uniform lamellas and those with a visible wood texture, which will perfectly match the whitewashed wooden floor. Taking into account the size of the glazed surfaces, we can also decide on the width of the slats. 25 mm blinds are the best for small windows, most often those located in the kitchen or bathroom. Equipped with special guide lines, they will ensure their convenient opening and tilting. On large glazing, the best effect can be achieved by selecting 50 or 70 mm lamellas. This will allow you to maintain the right proportions, and at the same time for a coherent arrangement of any interior.​
Wooden blinds in shades of white fit perfectly into the Scandinavian style. Made of natural raw materials, elegant and at the same time simple and functional, they will be a perfect complement to the interior in which we want to maintain a consistent arrangement, while ensuring an appropriate level of sunlight and privacy.
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