Aluminium blinds

  • New! Two-way control (Juun and Luna aluminum blind)
  • New! MegaView 50 mm aluminium blinds (cord-operated) are fitted with a patented mechanism which pulls the slats together in pairs. The spacing distance between the slats, which is double that of the standard 50 mm venetian blind, allows an unrestricted amount of light into the room
  • New! Twin Pull 50 mm aluminium blind (cord-operated) – the spring-assisted mechanism replaces the traditional, long pull cords as well as wands
  • Protection against excessive heat and UV radiation.
  • Free air circulation.
  • Precise regulation of the amount of light penetrating inside, without the need to raise the blinds.
  • High quality of the materials used guarantees exceptional product durability.
  • Functionality and comfort of use.
  • Child safety protection devices – applied in cord- and chain-operated systems, prevent hazardous loops from forming.

Aluminium blinds (metal) effectively protect interiors against excessive heat gain. Rotating slats, which can be set in a selected position, allow free air circulation. Smooth operation will allow you to hide away from prying eyes while not giving up on natural daylight.

Aluminium slats come in many different shapes and forms. The Light Less option (tape with invisible holes), available for 25 and 50 mm blinds, is a solution worth considering. It effectively eliminates light reflexes and light streaks even on cloudless, sunny days and as such it lends itself perfectly for interiors which need to be protected from excessive sunlight, like nurseries. 

Aluminium blind slats, available in three widths: 16, 25 and 50 mm, are compatible with different types of windows including those with untypical shapes. Guide-wire system will be of assistance when operating tilt windows. Motorised control will prove indispensable when operating windows located in places which are not easily accessible or those mounted in large buildings.

Aluminium blinds can be mounted on the glass pane, wall or ceiling. They are lighter that those made of wood and the packet of raised slats also takes up less window space.

Aluminium blinds are available in many attractive shades, which makes them compatible with interiors in many different design styles. They can be fitted with cord or tape ladder for a touch of elegance and style. The blinds will also beautifully complement the curtains, moreover, being UV resistant, they will protect the curtains against yellowing. This type of blind will be an ideal choice for interiors exposed to high temperatures and humidity.


New innovative solutions: MegaView and Twin Pull

Wood and bamboo blinds with 50 mm slat width - controlled with a cord – with some new, interesting solutions now on offer. 

MegaView is a system in which, when in open position, the slats are pulled together in pairs; this unique tilt function delivers twice the view of standard Venetian blinds. This type of blind is ideal for large glass panels as it allows you to enjoy the panoramic view out of your window without having to raise and lower the blind. Tilting the slats to closed position you will black the room out in a similar way to traditional models.

The Twin Pull spring-assisted system has also some new options in store for you. It is operated with two pull cords only, instead of traditional long ones or a wand, which makes the product not only user friendly but also aesthetically pleasing. Each cord enables tilting the slats and raising/lowering the blind. Simple and easy! The absence of regular long pull cords eliminates the problem of tangling and makes the product safe for children. The Twin Pull spring-assisted system is an excellent choice for those who value not only functionality and comfort, but also safety and aesthetics in their home or office.


Two-way control (Juun and Luna aluminum blind)

Juun and Luna are two aluminium horizontal blinds with two-way control – they are new arrivals  in ANWIS wide range of window coverings. Manual control enables quick and precise covering of a selected part of the window as well as manipulating the slat angle. Juun aluminium horizontal blind comes with an impressive collection of 25 mm wide slats in almost 100 colours. Luna, however, offers additionally 16 mm slats (26 patterns) bringing the total number of colours on offer to 130. To obtain the desired effect pick the colours to suit your taste and sense of style. 
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Luna – a finalist in the Dobry Wzór competition in 2021

Luna aluminium horizontal blind was recognised by the experts from Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego (the Institute of Industrial Design). It became a finalist in the Dobry Wzór competition in 2021.


Juun, the winner of the main prize of "Dobry Wzór 2019" competition

ANWIS aluminium blinds won the main prize during the 26th edition of Dobry Wzór competition. According to the commission appointed by the Institute of Industrial Design, Juun is one of the 11 best-designed Polish products of 2019 in the Strefa Domu category.


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Type of horizontal blinds Unusual shapes Optional non-invasive assembly Optional electric / battery control Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
16 mm aluminium blind * * * 260 300 2000 2200
25 mm aluminium blind * * * 260 300 2400 2400
50 mm aluminium blind * * * 260 300 3300 4000
Juun aluminium blind 25 mm * 300 300 1200 2200
Luna aluminium blind 16 mm, 25 mm * 300 200 1500 2300

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