Aluminium blinds

  • Interior protection against excessive heating and UV radiation.
  • Allowing free air circulation.
  • Precise regulation of the amount of light penetrating inside, without the need to raise the blinds.
  • The high quality of the materials used guarantees the long-lasting use of the product.
  • Functionality and comfort of use.

Perfectly protect the room from excessive heating and allow free air circulation. They allow to hide the interiors from observers from the outside, without the need to limit the inflow of natural light, and if necessary, to completely or partially cover the window.

Rich colours, ease of use and durability of horizontal blinds make them a very interesting element of window finishing and interior decoration.

The blinds perfectly match the curtains, protecting them against yellowing and sunburn. An interesting version of horizontal blinds is the Light Less system, which ensures comfortable darkening of the interior using aluminium tape with invisible openings.

Type of horizontal blinds Unusual shapes Optional non-invasive assembly Optional electric / battery control Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
16 mm aluminium blind * * * 260 300 2000 2200
25 mm aluminium blind * * * 260 300 2400 2400
50 mm aluminium blind * * * 260 300 3600 4000
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