Fabrics full of functional solutions

At the very beginning, it is worth noting that Anwis day-night pleats have a wide range of materials with various properties. The possibility of combining them (two fabrics in one shutter) allows you to adjust the covers adequately to the function of the rooms, as well as to find the appropriate structure and colours that match the interior design. The ANWIS collection includes, among other, smooth and subdued fabrics that will constitute a delicate background for other decorative elements of the interior. But not only. Among the pleats there are also coloured and patterned fabrics, which attract attention and distinguish the home space. Regardless of their decorative character, the collection includes models with varying degrees of light transmission. The task of transparent and semi-transparent materials is to filter the daylight in such a way as to provide the household with comfortable conditions for work and rest. The main thing is that the interior remains bright, and the sun's rays do not hinder everyday activities. On the other hand, blackout fabrics completely block the light penetrating inside, thus providing full darkening of the interior. In rooms exposed to strong sunlight, we can additionally use heat-insulating models (with a "honeycomb" structure), which will effectively ensure a comfortable temperature in the house, for example in rooms located in the attic. 

But what if the living room combines the functions of a living room and a bedroom, or we want to have a properly sheltered kitchen or bathroom, regardless of the time of day? Then a day-night pleat may be an ideal solution.

Two fabrics - many possibilities​

Anwis pleat, in which we can use two fabrics, does not differ significantly from standard pleated blinds. Its structure consists of an upper rail - permanently mounted to the window, wall or ceiling - and two movable gutters located below, between which there are mounted pleated fabrics. By raising and lowering them (independently of each other), we decide with which fabric and in what proportions we want to cover the window. This solution allows for any combination of materials, e.g. transparent for the day and blackout for the night. Taking into account the arrangement of the rooms and their exposure to the sun, we can combine a single pleated fabric with a heat-insulating one, with a "honeycomb" structure. Additionally, the choice of materials is also influenced by their decorative aspect. In this case, patterned fabrics are often combined with uniform ones, with a delicate weave. The possibility of any combination of materials with different properties and colours, undoubtedly allows us to create a cover ideally suited to our needs. 

Simple operation​

Anwis day-night pleated blinds are equipped with two fabrics, and when they are completely folded, they cover a small window space. In addition, whenever we want to change the position of the cover, we will do it quickly and precisely. A specially designed self-locking mechanism allows the fabric to be stopped at any height of the window. In this way, operating of the cover on large and non-standard windows is smooth and comfortable. The pleats can be operated with handy control handles (located on movable gutters) or with a string. The second variant allows to use of Child Safety protections. The cover has an appropriately selected length of the string, which is additionally equipped with a self-tearing connector that opens a dangerous loop in the event of a pressure force.

Day and night pleats allow us to arrange the rooms of the house in such way as to adapt them to each time of the day and weather conditions outside the window. At the same time, they enable a unique opportunity to decorate windows according to our taste and individual needs. Therefore, they will definitely be good choice for any room, regardless of its function and arrangement.
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