Elegant external venetian blinds wonderfully match the trends and requirements of modern construction. They protect the house from the sunlight at the same time adding a touch of elegance to the facade.

Large glazed surfaces are a prominent feature of modern architecture. Glass panes, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, bring a lot of daylight into the building and create an impression of the indoors merging with the outdoors, which results  in rooms gaining in spaciousness. So which of the many available systems of sunlight protection should you select  to enhance the modern, geometric shape of the building, while ensuring an appropriate amount of daylight? Aluminium external venetian blinds are the answer.

External venetian blinds are decorative enough to exclude the need for an extra window cover in the form of eg. indoor blinds. Made of aluminium and available in a wide range of RAL colours, they blend in perfectly with materials most commonly used in modern buildings: glass, concrete, wood, aluminium creating well-thought-out, intriguing compositions. The visual effect is intensified by setting the slats at an appropriate angle, ranging from 90o to 180o. The change of the angle of the slats allows the most comfortable penetration of light and heat into the room.


Made of high-quality aluminium, with their simple, lightweight  structure, external venetian blinds do not burden nor affect the façade of the entire building. The blind’s guides and steel cords provide reliable protection against excessive wind contributing to the stability and durability of the whole system. The use of weather-resistant aluminium and covering of the surface with high-quality paint coats protect aluminium venetian blinds against damage caused by water, humidity or intense sunlight.

The control systems ensure a smooth operation of external venetian blinds.  They can be operated manually, using a crank mechanism or electrically, by means of a motor. One motor can control only one or more blinds.  It is also possible to integrate the control mechanism with the weather automation system and the smart building management system.

Insulation properties

Aluminium external blinds not only effectively protect the house from excessive heat but also enable control over the amount of light penetrating into the rooms. In the case of large, glazed façades, they form a kind of insulation, facilitating a proper temperature distribution inside, thus supporting the operation of air conditioning. Between the slats and the glass  an air cushion is formed, which serves as an effective thermal barrier slowing down the heat transfer. With an outside temperature of 35oC, it is possible to lower the temperature inside the building by up to several degrees. The advantage of external venetian blinds is also that by reducing the intensity of outside noise, they considerably improve the acoustics inside the house.

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