Fabric roller blinds

  • New! Gemi glass profile blind – one- and two- way control.
  • Free adjustment of the height of the blind by means of manual or electrical control.
  • Protection against excessive insolation and irritating reflections on monitor screens.
  • Pefect cover for large surfaces: shop windows, recesses, shelves they may also be used as projection screens.
  • Thanks to the wide selection of different length roller tubes, the maximum surface area of a roller blind can reach 20 m 2.
  • Day / night fabric - adjusts the amount of daylight penetrating inside without the need of lifting the roller blind.
  • Flexibility – roller blinds can be used for covering all types of windows.
  • Child safety protection devices – applied in chain-operated systems, prevent hazardous loops from forming.

Not only do roller blinds protect against sun rays and excessive heat, they also keep you away from prying eyes. Furthermore, they are an attractive addition creating a mood-enhancing room decor. Easy mount and intuitive operation make the roller blind ideal for everyday use.

Roller blinds are ideal as window, recess and furniture coverings; they can also double as projection screens. Compatible with all types of windows, they are the most versatile of all the solutions currently on offer.

A rich collection of colours and patterns makes it possible to create a harmonious and aesthetically appealing decor. When choosing the fabric one should always bear in mind the interior the blind will be mounted in, its function and character. Light, transparent fabrics will optically enlarge and brighten up the room; patterned ones, on the other hand, will add depth making the room more spacious. Such solutions will be most suitable for the lounge and the kitchen; rooms serving as bedrooms during the day (eg. nurseries) require fabrics which enable total blackout.

Impresja day-night roller blind is another interesting solution. The basis of Impresja are overlapping transparent and non-transparent strips of fabric. When operating the blind the user moves the strips; when two - non-transparent and transparent - strips overlap, the blackout effect is achieved. Impresja combines the function of a blind, a roller-blind, a curtain and a screen, enabling the user to excercise total control over the amount of light entering the room, without ever lifting the blind.

The blind can be fitted with a cassette and side guide, which ensures its smooth operation and staying close to the windowpane. Consequently, the fabric does not move with the wind or when the window is tilted. Additionally, side guides prevent light leaks.

Roof roller blinds are intended for interiors arranged in the attic. The main function of this type of blind is to provide blackout effect whenever needed as well as protect the room from overheating.

Gemi - a fabric roller blind available in two versions (bi-directional and classic) is a novelty in Anwis offer. Noticeable for its attractive design, the blind comes with a breathtaking collection of fabrics, which provides you with almost limitless arrangement possibilities. Gemi is an ideal solution for terrace doors and tilt windows in which the side guides keep the fabric close to the window pane. Simple and easy manual control allows you to stop the blind at the desired height so as to adjust the amount of natural light entering a room and maintain the desired level of privacy. Mounting of the blind is hassle-free, no drilling or screws are necessary. 

Our offer includes blinds with flame resistant and non-flammable fabrics - perfect for interiors where stricter fire safety regulations apply. All fabrics are certified for quality, they are also well tolerated by people with allergies.

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Type of roller blinds Optional non-invasive assembly Optional electric / battery control Roof windows Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
Free-hanging roller blind * * 300 300 4000 5000
Roller blind in a cassette * * 300 300 4000 5000
Roller blind in a cassette with guides * * * 300 300 1500 2400
Gemi roller blind * 400 700 1200 2000

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