External venetian blind

  • Outside blackout of window openings and glass façades.
  • Smooth control of the blind (opening and closing) within the range of 90o and 180o, enables comfortable setting of the degree of light penetration.
  • Noise level reduction.
  • Light and simple aluminium structure.
  • Trouble-free mounting.
  • Manual/automatic control.
  • Weather automation compatible.
External venetian blinds  are a modern, elegant product mounted on the building façade.  Its light and simple structure perfectly harmonizes with modern architectural facilities featuring large glazed surfaces.  

External venetian blinds  protect the inside of the building from excessive sunlight enhance its aesthetic appeal. Mounted on large façades, they act as an insulator that influences temperature distribution in the room and supports air conditioning system without overloading it.

The key component of the external venetian blind are slats:  65,70, 80,90 mm wide, with S-, C-, Z—shaped cross-section. The slats can be raised, lowered or rotated, which allows one to control the amount of light and heat entering the room.
Shutter system Min. width Max. width Max. height Weight of shutters per
1m2 [kg]
C 65 800 3500 5000 3,42
C 80 800 4000 5000 3,47
Z 90 800 4500 5000 3,53
S 70 800 4500 5000 3,53
F 80 800 3000 3000 3,42

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