Gummed roller blinds and light reflecting roller blinds work on a very similar principle. Gummed fabrics, due to their structure, provide complete blackout in all conditions. They are also a bit easier to clean.

Gummed roller blinds and sun reflecting roller blinds, on one side, have a material that can be easily adapted to the colour of the room. On the other side there is a layer that protects against light - often in silver or white. There are no restrictions as to the place of application - they will be effective protection even in places with very bright sunlight.

Are light reflecting blinds effective?
Definitely yes. This is one of the most effective solutions that greatly reduces the sun's rays entering the room. Light reflecting roller blinds are perfect for offices where the sun causes reflections on the monitor screen, but not only! It is also a great way to keep yourself a little cool on warm and sunny days, because this type of roller blinds prevents hot air from entering the room.

On this occasion, it should be mentioned that simply installing a light-reflecting roller blind does not solve the problem. If we forget to lower it and the hot air gets inside, even closing the roller blind will not cause it to suddenly cool down - at most it will not let other waves of heat pass through.

Construction of a light-reflecting roller blind

A special coating that covers one side of the blind is responsible for reflecting the light. It can be a silver-plated fabric, and in some cases an aluminium coating. In this way, a screen is created that completely prevents light from entering inside and all heat is reflected outside. It is also worth mentioning that the roller shutter will only be effective when it covers the window with its entire surface.

The other side of the blind is a matter of individual choice. You can choose the right material that will match the style of the room. Light reflecting blinds can be classic (made of one piece of material) or the so-called day and night, where the fabrics that darken and transmit sunlight are arranged alternately. It will not be difficult to buy the ones that we like the most. This is why sun blinds have become such a popular choice - they are not only functional, but can also have an aesthetic function and wonderfully decorate any room.

In which office rooms will the sun blinds work best?

Due to its properties, light-reflecting roller blinds are primarily a good solution for offices exposed to very high sunlight. If the office room is large enough that the windows overlook in several different directions, the blinds can be installed only where the sun shines with the greatest intensity. On the other hand, if employees want to avoid hot weather, it is worth lowering the roller blind after leaving work and uncovering the window only when the rays do not fall directly on the glass. In this way, we can easily protect ourselves against excessive heating of the room. Light-reflecting roller blinds can be mounted both on large windows and those of traditional sizes. 

Reflective blinds for your home office

Many people work from home and probably at least some of them are wondering how to deal with the reflections of the sun reflected on the monitor. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, and light reflecting roller blinds can also be used in the home office. They can be easily integrated into any style of the room. Even if you already have roller blinds installed in other rooms, you can easily buy roller blinds that match the appearance of your existing ones.

In fact, you can mount them in any room. You can use them both in the living room and in the children's room with a computer. It is a universal solution for every house or apartment, especially if in summer you are disturbed by hot air penetrating through the glass of the window. Light shading blinds make work and rest much easier.

The versatile solution

It is easy to notice that light reflecting roller blinds are a versatile solution that will work well in the office and home. Easy installation, no problems with excessive sunlight, and thus heating of the rooms, are the special features that each of us will appreciate. If you want to combine functionality and high durability with impeccable style, it is a sign that sun blinds are right for you.
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