Traditional window mosquito net

The most popular, and at the same time the most affordable, are traditional window screens. They are put on primarily to protect us from insects and larger dust. Their advantages include ease and speed of installation and durability.

The basic range are frame mosquito nets that are attached to the window flange. Embedding in the frame is non-invasive, without the need to make holes. Also, removing the mosquito net from the balcony door is smooth. This is an important advantage, thanks to which you can clean them after removing them from the window. Many people decide to dismantle the mosquito net for the winter season or before thorough cleaning combined with window cleaning.

Rolled mosquito nets for windows or balcony doors

Rolled mosquito nets combine the features of roller shutters and classic insect protection nets. The functionality is ensured by the guides equipped with a spring system, which enables efficient unfolding and rolling of the safety net. Noteworthy here is the choice between a horizontal or a vertical winding system. Vertical will be perfect for classic windows, horizontal will be an effective barrier against insects mounted on balcony doors.

Door mosquito nets

In houses and apartments where a balcony or terrace is often used, door mosquito nets are a recommendable solution. They are attached to the hinges, which allows free movement in both directions without fear of insects entering the room. The mosquito net for the balcony door can be equipped with a door closer, which means that we will not have to remember to close it every time.

Sliding mosquito nets

Larger glazed areas require more advanced solutions. These include sliding mosquito nets that move thanks to guides. Left-right movement is smooth. Mosquito nets of this type can be found on terraces, balconies, patios and winter gardens.

Pleated insect screen

Pleated insect screen is a perfect solution for places with large glazed doors e.g. patios or terraces. The modular structure of the insect screen allows it to be assembled into a single or double panel system. Completely hidden in the aluminium profile when folded, pleated mesh takes up very little space.

Methods of mosquito nets installation

Both the doors and windows nets can be installed in two ways. The first - non-invasive - does not require the use of specialized tools and additional holes. The fastening is performed by e.g. special rotating hooks or double-sided tape. The second method - invasive - requires not only tools, but also the mounting of guides and rails, or additionally springs. This solution can be found with sliding and pleated mosquito nets.

Installing mosquito nets by yourself requires special care. First of all, remember to precisely measure the frame and the glazed surface, as well as their precise assembly. Therefore, it is better to recommend the services of a professional to people without proper experience and technical talent.
The mesh in grey or black, a wide range of sizes and colours including standard shades and colours are the determinants of the Anwis offer. When browsing the catalogue, it is easy to see that the mosquito nets produced in Poland can perform not only a practical but also a decorative function.
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