However, this idyllic setting can be spoiled by flies, gnats and other minuscule intruders. Insect screens are an effective protection against intruders - with the many options available, everyone will find a solution that best suits his needs.

The simplest solution and a great barrier against insects - is the insect mesh. It is made of fibreglass which is a durable material resistant to UV radiation, temperature and rain. The mesh is very easy to mount, all you need to do is attach it to the window frame from the outside. Velcro or adhesive tape is used for fastening. The downside of this solution is that it is rather short-term. The mesh begins to peel over time, and it may also begin to crumble when subjected to very low temperatures.

Insect screens made to special order are a much more convenient and durable solution. A wide range of framed, rolled or pleated, are available in ANWIS. Their advantage is functionality, durability and, thanks to the large range of profile colours, also aesthetics.

Framed insect screen

Insect screen  fitted to the window
The most popular solution, which works particularly well for windows that are designed to provide air circulation, are the ANWIS framed insect screens. Usually made to special order, they have to perfectly fit the dimensions of the window. The framed insect screen consists of PVC or aluminium profiles, which the net is stressed on. Their mounting on the window profile is not only extremely easy, but, most importantly, can be completed without  drilling holes.

The frames are fastened to the windows using swivel brackets. This type of insect screen can also be removed for cleaning purposes. It should also be dismantled before winter. Unlike ordinary nets, which cannot be reused, framed insect screens are reusable, just clean them and store till the next spring.

Insect  screen  for doors
Door and roller insect screens

However, if you do not want to spend time on mounting and dismantling mosquito nets every year, you should consider ANWIS door and roller insect screens, which are all year round solutions. The door insect screen is fitted with  a handle for opening and magnets for keeping the screen closed.] Additional protection of the rooms against insects is provided by a brush seal. When deciding to install a door insect screen in the doorway, we should make sure that the screen has an increased stiffness, as the size of the frame is larger than in the case of window net. For this purpose, ANWIS offers a door frame made of an all-round aluminium profile.

Another ANWIS product which is worth recommending is the roller insect screen available in its horizontal as well as vertical version. It features guides and a spring mechanism it has a lot to do with fabric blinds except that instead of fabric, the cassette houses an insect screen. Once unrolled, the mosquito screen is attached to the hook bar or catches located in the guide. When the mesh is released from the catches, the speed reducer facilitates its smooth and damage-free roll within the cassette.

Vertical roller insect screens are used for "ordinary" windows and roof windows alike. In the case of roof windows, the insect screen is installed inside the building. Horizontal insect screens are used on the balcony or patio doors. The design of the horizontal insect screen allows it to be from the right to the left or sideways.

Sliding insect screen

Which solution for sliding doors?
ANWIS sliding insect screen is yet another ANWIS product highly recommended for large, glass, sliding doors. Fitted with two panels sliding sideways, insect screen moves along top and bottom, one- or two-track guides. The maximum dimensions of the insect screen panel are - 2000 x 2500 mm.
The six types of sliding insect screens offered by ANWIS and a wide range of guides  to go with different threshold heights makes it easy to find a solution most suitable in terms of  functionality and mounting location.

Pleated insect screen

Pleated insect screen fitted with mesh which folds

A pleated ANWIS insect screen may be up to 3.8 m wide/2.6 m high. Guides, alongside which the mesh moves, are mounted at the top and bottom. The insect screen can slide to the middle or to one side.

Integrated roller insect screen 

Because external roller blinds are becoming increasingly popular, another solution worth mentioning is insect screen integrated with roller blind. This type of solution is available in all types of ANWIS external roller blinds flush- and window-mounted, facade roller blind, in which the mesh is housed in one box with the roller blind. 

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