Each type of wood used in the manufacturing process of blinds offers some unique qualities which set it apart from the rest. ANWIS blinds made of bamboo wood have advantages that you are bound to appreciate during everyday use.


Strength and durability

​​Bamboo wood is robust and resistant to damage. It exhudes natural charm, yet  remains fully functional over a long period of time. ​


Slim slats

When open, the bamboo blind allows more natural light into the room. As a result, you will be able to adjust the level of light  to best suit your preferences. Also, the stack of pulled up slats takes up less space inside or over the window recess. 

The lightweight of the product

The lightweight bamboo blinds ensure comfortable operation – raising and lowering manually operated bamboo blind is effortless; you can opt for a radio-controlled model, too. 

Unique, natural wood grain, colour and irregularities

The variations in shades and the subtle grain of the bamboo are evidence of its natural origin. It is these blemishes that make your blind a truly unique work of nature serving as  a reminder that small imperfections can lend an aura of authenticity.

Organic farming methods

Bamboo is renewable and environmentally friendly. Its cultivation does not adversely affect the environment, which means that by choosing bamboo blinds, you are taking care of the planet.

Introduce exotic wood into your home

Bamboo wood has been in high demand in recent years, as evidenced by the wide use of this material in furnishings and interior design. Accessories made of bamboo wood make an extraordinary aesthetic impression making our interiors cosy, modern and practical. For this reason bamboo wood has drawn attention of manufacturers of blinds worldwide. The technology used to produce bamboo wood makes it possible to obtain a variety of beautiful textures and colours inspired by nature itself, as well as unique designs. 

Elegant and minimalistic, modern bamboo blinds offered by ANWIS are an ideal solution for any style and interior, regardless of size and purpose. 

Functionality, quality and modernity – all in one  

ANWIS collection features 12 fashionable colours for 50 mm bamboo blinds. They  are a perfect match for different window sizes and various interior design trends; this versatility will allow you to use them as an element of a coherent arrangement perfectly matching the blinds with the colours of the window frames, floor or furniture. The natural beauty of bamboo blinds can be further enhanced by custom finish creating the truly unique and 'tailor-made' look.
Bamboo blinds in white, black, beige and earthy greys complement many different interiors from ultra-modern to the more classic ones. White will make the room appear brighter and more spacious, black will add elegance, beiges and shades of earthy greys and browns will introduce a hint of warmth and cosiness. They will also provide a perfect background for other colours. Whether you are decorating the living room, bedroom or the office – bamboo blinds are certainly the answer. 

Get professional advice

Would you like to make sure which bamboo blinds will work best for your windows? Take advantage of our specialist advice (contact form) and choose a solution tailored to your needs!


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