SCREEN external roller blind

  • Blinds mounted on large glazed surfaces provide optimal sun protection and support for the the air conditioning system, thereby reducing the operating costs of the facility.
  • When in closed position, the blinds are an excellent barrier against insects and dirt.
  • Featuring the innovative ZIP system (side guides integrated with the fabric)
  • The ZIP screen roller blind system provides excellent protection against strong gusts of wind.
  • A wide range of fabrics allows to optimally adjust the screens both function- and looks-wise to the building façade.
  • Fabric roller tube is covered by a top box which can be oval, square or bevelled.
  • The composition of fabrics containing glass fibres and PVC allows them to be cleaned and rolled wet.
  • The reliable extruded box makes a large-size SCREEN external roller blind an available option.

The main purpose of the Screen external roller shutters is protection of the building against excessive sun exposure and overheating of the interior. Mounted on large glass surfaces, they act as an insulator, regulating air temperature inside the building, supporting air-conditioning systems without overloading them. In this way they significantly reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, thanks to the unique properties of its fabrics, the Screen external roller shutter ensures visual comfort – not totally blacking out the room, yet keeping intense sunlight out.

Screen external roller blind stands out for its truly innovative design. Its characteristic feature are lateral guide bars integrated with the fabric (the ZIP system) containing glass fibres and PVC, which greatly influences its resistance to adverse weather conditions like gusty wind, hail or rain. When lowered, the screen provides an effective barrier for insects and pollution. Excellently suited for windows, it is also a perfect choice for gazebos, verandas and balconies.

The tube which the fabric is rolled up on is covered with an oval- or square-shaped or bevelled cassette. Both the cassette and the guide bars are available in six standard colours – white, creamy white, anthracite and structural anthracite. The rich collection of fabrics on offer makes this product very versatile indeed – both in terms of function and aesthetics.

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Screen roller blind system Available box sizes min. width [mm] max. width [mm] max. height [mm] max. area. m2
45 o 85, 95, 105, 125 800 5000 5000 15
90 o 105, 125 800 5000 5000 15
oval 105, 125 800 5000 5000 15

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