Good to know:
tips concerning window coverings mounted inside the house

Horizontal, vertical blinds

  1. Of all available internal window coverings horizontal venetian blinds offer the best protection against the sun.
  2. When the slats are closed, interior temperature in summer is 5–7oC lower than outside; whereas in winter it is approx. 2oC higher.
  3. PVC vertical blinds are perfect for dusty and humid interiors like bathrooms, showrooms or production halls.
  4. Unique patterns, delicate shades of wood and bamboo painted by nature itself, light-diffusing slats are characteristic features of products made of natural materials. Such products will inspire many interior designers with ideas for sophisticated and elegant spaces.
  5. To keep the blinds clean, dust them frequently and delicately with a duster.
  6. Motorised control system enables safe and comfortable control of a single blind as well as groups of blinds; it also protects the blind from mechanical damage.

Pleated blinds

  1. Pleated blinds are easy to clean. They can be washed in a weak solution of water and washing liquid in temperature of approx. 30oC.
  2. Pleated blind rails are available in four standard colours: white, silver, dark brown and brass. Rails in any RAL colour are available, too. Plastic accessories come in three colours: white, grey and black.
  3. Cable guide consists of a stainless steel cable covered in black, UV resistant plastic.
  4. Interiors should be aired regularly so as to avoid condensation of water vapour on the window panes, which may damage or stain the blind.
  5. Pleated blinds are dedicated for heated interiors only.
  6. Its design allows the blind to contain fabric wider than the rail.
  7. Duo pleated blind fabric (with honeycomb structure) is made of two layers of fabric, which provides better thermal and accoustic insulation. Another attractive feature of duoblinds are skillfully hidden cords and guiding cords.

Roller blinds, shades

  1. ANWIS sun-protection systems are cut to size, in accordance with customers’ request.
  2. Depending on the system, one can select one of the available control options: the blinds can be either hand-operated using a chain, cord or spring, or radio controlled via.
  3. Well-chosen fabrics will enable you to make your room look just the way you want it – including changing the proportions of the windows to the walls.
  4. Light, transparent fabrics will optically enlarge and brighten up the room, whereas patterns will add some degree of depth and spaciousness to it.
  5. In rooms serving as bedrooms during the daytime (eg. nurseries) it is a good idea to use blackout fabrics, which darken the whole room even on a sunny day.
  6. To keep your shades clean, dust them lightly with a duster. The fabric can be cleaned using a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Small stains can be removed with a pencil eraser.
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