External blinds

  • Protection against burglary; staying private.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Noise protection.
  • High resistance to weather conditions.
  • Easy operation using remote controls, timers or sensors.
  • Protection against insects and pollen (roller shutter integrated with insect screen).

The main purpose of the roller shutter is to protect the interior from burglary and vandalism. Once shut, the roller shutter curtain, fitted with special locks and an alarm, effectively increases the safety of a house or a ground/first floor located apartment.

When lowered, roller shutters offer an excellent thermoinsulation performance, which protects the interior against heat loss in winter and excessive warmth in summer. Roller shutters allow the reduction of energy consumption at the same time effectively reducing the level of noise coming from the outside. The shutters can be integrated with insect screens as a result forming an even more effective barrier against insects and pollen.

Motorised external window coverings are operated using on-wall transmitters, remote controls, mobile devices or timers. When connected to Smart Home system they allow you to operate all electrical appliances in the home. Supported by a simple application, they can be programmed according to individual preferences of household members (individual scenarios). This way you can simultaneously operate eg. the shutters and the lighting.

The choice of a shutter as well as its mount (built-in, integrated, built-on roller shutter) depends on the stage of construction in which the decision is taken i.e. the design, construction or completed object stage.

Roller shutters are offered in a wide range of colours, which makes them compatible with many different architectural styles, whether modern or classical ones. Properly selected, roller shutters will offer years of comfort, safety and improved energy efficiency.

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Przeczytaj więcej:

Type of external roller shutter Profile type Min. width [mm] Max width [mm] Max height [mm]
Built-on roller shutters AN 39 500 3000 3000
AN 45 500 3200 3500
AN 44 500 2500 3700
AN 52 500 4000 3300
Integrated roller shutters
AN 39 500 3000 3000
AN 45 500 3200 3300
SOLIDO built-in roller shutters
AN 39 500 3000 3000
AN 45 500 3200 3300
AN 52 500 4000 2600

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