Pleated blinds

  • When raised, the blind covers only a small part of the window.
  • Use of solutions, e.g. two fabrics in one system.
  • Self-locking control mechanism that allows setting the blind at any height.
  • Smooth operation.

Pleated blinds, commonly referred to as pleats, are one of the most interesting solutions in the field of internal window coverings. The ultimate in versatility, the Top-Down/Bottom-Up blinds offer the ability to operate them from the top, the bottom up or anywhere in between for the perfect balance of natural light and privacy.

Due to their construction, pleated blinds can be mounted on all types of windows, (including roof windows), in winter gardens as well as in glazed roof structures.

Pleated blinds are the most versatile product, they can be mounted in recessed windows, as well as on windows and odd shaped spaces /trapezoids, semicircles, triangles, polygons/.

Currently, the ANWIS pleated fabrics collection includes more than 350 fabrics.

Type of pleated blinds Unusual shapes Optional non-invasive assembly Roof windows Optional electric / battery control Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
VS / handle-operated * * 120 200 1500 2200
F / cord-operated * * * 300 300 2300 2600
DF / roof windows * 120 200 1500 1500
PL / winter gardens * * * * 300 300 1500 4000
VX / large-sized * 400 300 3000 2600
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