Wooden and bamboo blinds

  • New! 50 mm MegaView wooden and bamboo blinds (cord control) – when in open position, the slats are pulled together in pairs; this unique tilt function delivers twice the view of standard Venetian blinds
  • New! 50 mm Twin Pull wooden and bamboo blinds (cord control) – spring-assisted mechanism in place of traditional long pull cords and wands
  • New! Eco TREND in interior design. New collection of 50 mm bamboo blinds.
  • Precise control of the amount of light penetrating inside, without lifting the blinds.
  • Natural materials used - strips of exotic wood (abachi, basswood) and bamboo, as well as matching finishing elements, will create a unique atmosphere in the interior.
  • The high quality of the materials used guarantees long-lasting, comfortable use of the product.
  • A wide selection of colours of both wooden and bamboo blinds.
  • XL wooden blinds - width of up to 3600 mm.
  • Child safety protection devices – applied in cord- and chain-operated systems, prevent hazardous loops from forming.

Wooden and bamboo blinds appeal to those who appreciate natural beauty and unique interior design. Available in a wide range of colours, the slats from Anwis collection will beautifully complement interior in any style. While browsing through our collection of slats you are sure to come across many interesting patterns and unique shades created by Nature itself.

The ladder is an important part of any blind. It keeps slats in horizontal position as well as helps to rotate them. Subtle and almost invisible in its cord version, textile tape ladder will beautifully enhance the look of the blind and the interior. Available in several widths: 10, 12, 25 or 38 mm, the ladder can be either colour-coordinated with the blind or clash with it colouristically in a visually appealing way. The look of the blind can be further enhanced with eye-catching finishing elements like: the wand, cord weight or head rail cover.

Embrace Nature in your home with the new ANWIS bamboo blind collection

Enjoy harmony with Nature with our latest collection of blinds made of eco-friendly bamboo. Inspired by the eco trend in interior design, we are introducing unique and stylish solutions which highlight the beauty of natural materials in your home. Offered in an impressive range of patterns and colours,  50 bamboo blinds will become an inspiring addition to your interior, making it one of a kind. This unique blend of functionality and aesthetics will create a comfortable and cozy ambiance at your home. Discover the beauty of Nature in every detail with  the new ANWIS bamboo blind. (read  more)

Sun protection systems made of wood and featuring different sorts of slats can be fitted in windows of many different types and sizes. 25 mm slats will be perfect for windows of small size; fitted with steel guiding cords they will remain safely attached to tilt windows. 50 and 70 mm slats are best for large glass surfaces, like terrace doors. Our offer also features solutions for windows with non-standard shapes. Depending on the system, the blind may be mounted on the window frame, wall or ceiling.

Smooth operation of the system is carried out by manual or motorised control unit. Motorised control is recommended when:

  • the blinds are mounted in a large building,
  • the window pattern rules out the use of a wand, cord or ball chain,
  • the weight of the slats makes manual operation of the blind awkward and uncomfortable.
Wooden and bamboo blinds manufactured by Anwis stand out for their quality, aesthetic appeal and practicality. Manufactured meticulously and with attention to detail, the blinds will provide years of trouble-free service.

New innovative solutions: MegaView and Twin Pull

Wood and bamboo blinds with 50 mm slat width - controlled with a cord – with some new, interesting solutions now on offer. 

MegaView is a system in which, when in open position, the slats are pulled together in pairs; this unique tilt function delivers twice the view of standard Venetian blinds. This type of blind is ideal for large glass panels as it allows you to enjoy the panoramic view out of your window without having to raise and lower the blind. Tilting the slats to closed position you will black the room out in a similar way to traditional models.

The Twin Pull spring-assisted system has also some new options in store for you. It is operated with two pull cords only, instead of traditional long ones or a wand, which makes the product not only user friendly but also aesthetically pleasing. Each cord enables tilting the slats and raising/lowering the blind. Simple and easy! The absence of regular long pull cords eliminates the problem of tangling and makes the product safe for children. The Twin Pull spring-assisted system is an excellent choice for those who value not only functionality and comfort, but also safety and aesthetics in their home or office.

Should you have questions about our products, please use our contact form.

Read more:
Type of horizontal blinds Unusual shapes Optional non-invasive assembly Optional electric / battery control Minimum width (mm) Minimum height (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum height (mm)
25 mm wood * * 260 300 2400 2600
50 mm wood * * * 400 300 3600 4000
70 mm wood * 450 300 2900 4000
50 mm bamboo * * 450 300 3000 4000

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